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  1. This is still an issue. I started playing the xbox play anywhere version a month ago and even after the MS update, The controller still has no vibration during a bite.
  2. Just a suggestion, But maybe you should inform players that Pike and Muskie can and will bite through your line if you don't have a titanium leader on it. And that you can now add leaders to all the setups. I for one was very upset when I lost a lure I paid for with baitcoins because I wasn't aware of these facts when it was released on Steam.
  3. Well the game is currently updating, 7.3 gb. With my net speed it will be an hour. So I have no idea if it's MS or not.
  4. At least you are getting a sound from the holder, I never get that anymore. Just the notification that my bait was lost or eaten. Even happens with the bottom rods a lot now to. Need to put the rod holders back to the way they were.
  5. I'm going through it again on the xbox now, I mixed it up a lot from 41 to 46. Mostly hitting Everglades and Quanchkin for bass and Cali for easy money with Sturgeon. Once you get to 46 Russia a nice xp spot. Fishing from the boat dock for Catfish, Beluga, and Asp. The Asp are nice and abundant, Very easy to catch with a 3/0 walker.
  6. All of my setups have the reel as the weakest link. That way no fish can pull line off and run, When the drag is set to max. It doesn't damage the reel, I've landed 98lb fish with 20lb. setups easy. As long as you aren't reeling the fish can't go anywhere.
  7. I for one can wait, Hopefully they fix the rod stands before Microsoft certifies the update. As is on the PC the rod stands are horrible now.
  8. I don't know, I've been playing on PC for over a year and just started a cpl weeks ago on xbox. I'm still fishing the same holes I did when I started. To be honest I haven't noticed any real difference. Just wait till they add Miss to the xbox, lol They have the rod stands all f-ed up.
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