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  1. So i have been playing fishing planet on the ps4 we've had all the same content .... Aside from cheaper equipment and travel is there a difference Between the two? Will they ever implement ocean fishing say Australia for great whites or California for many others ? Adding bigger boats ?? Jaws style yo!!!! "We're gonna need a bigger boat" or even being able to purchase homes or cabins to buy say in Mississippi, new york, or even Alaska to be closer to our favorite fishing spots. Costing us less for travel.. More on fun. Maybe a home we can walk around purchasing mounts for our prized fish ? Being able to invite friends to our homes to show off our trophys before heading out on a group competition voiced via headset at 5am to bring home the top prize that should be exclusive to the top fisherman ... The game itself is amazing I can understand the amount of work that goes into developing a game this calibur.... It's all I ever dreamed of when I was a child fishing with my father who .. Unfortunately passed away from cancer April 1st 2019. Brandenburg park in Michigan was our spot would love to see it added...... Yes we are shore fisherman. Never had money for a boat but I digress let's share our thoughts on everything maybe we can reach devs and help uplift an amazing game ! And open some insight on the future.. Along with that! whether fisherman fishing planet is worth the money or is fishing planet free to play just as good? Ps4 psn name: A-SON86
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