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  1. Bug.. Restart the game.. Sometimes when i trying to equip line, game automaticlly remove my rod and tell me i have to equip rod first to equip line. just restarting helps. =)
  2. djsaba


    ps4 dlcs will drop when ps5 is out. =)
  3. Why is everyone so greedy about how to earn virtuel coins in game? If you smart enough you can figure out how to balance the income and outcome. Some take time some not. Figure out how you earn real life money instead, because nobody gonna tell you that. =) Thats how it works in reality and it should in games too, or may i be wrong? This game its not a race. Sure there is a competion and a leaderboard. And what? WIth right tools can every body catch what they want. Its like crainkbaits, first must be bought with BC, then couple of the unlocked higher levels. And some of the competition is not fair enough. But thats how things work, you have to invest to get profit. Otherwise you dont get a "thing" like in real life.
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    Point, it dont bother me either. But i dont find it fair overall.
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    No, what i want to tell is i got the same amount of fish size, 2 different lures, same equipment. First lure baught with coins, xp reduction. Second lure bought wiht baitcoin, no xp reduction.
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    I would share something. As i was fishing with different lures and equipments i was mad when i saw something. You can fish with "higher" rods/reels for fishes with Normal lures will get you reduced xp. But if you swap to "baitcoin" lures, the xp will have no reduction. Why is that?
  7. me for took 12 Hours... =)
  8. Yes you can fish after 9 pm to 5 am and catch fishes. I think ps4 version still need to be polished and it takes some time to make it happend.
  9. nonviolence game = nonviolence community ?
  10. sweet teaser.. maybe a hint? i know something too... that can extend your days whitout paying it. =)
  11. this game is so relaxing... lean back in bed before sleep. fall a sleep while bait in water, controller vibrating wake up fish. =)
  12. Are there any Disccord Channels for Fishing Planet for PS4 ? Any interest if serverchannel would be up?
  13. i tried so many time came up to 10 in row and puff.. bait lost or nothing... but you can do is real out the line, run over to the other side bridge in texas and start realing in until you get one?
  14. is the dot system not how fast you go and not the quality of the technique?
  15. Nope, that would be to easy =) but thats my opinion. Go catch some walleyes at NY. lvl up and buy new net. =) You have to grind at a place that you dont have to speed up like crazy everytime. But i understand the frustration. Try to catch trophys/uniqe in meantime or take a break. =)
  16. Im glad im not the only rookie one here. =) I just got 5 back for selling the rod. 19 bc minus. Just have to fight harder for challenges... I wrote a suggestion mail to devs hope they will respond and will get into it with buying with BC...
  17. Yeah i know, barbless. but game still playable whitout BC. =)
  18. Hi guys. I just accendently bought valuecast 200 se (24 BC) and it was by accident. Is there any way to undo that? Was going to pick a filter on the left filter menu and that wasnt highlighted. Please let me inow asap?
  19. My fishing expierence. Was with couple friends out fishing. Was on this bridge, my friend had 1 small sealed plastic "can" with juwelry. Me glumbsy unfortunately did i kick that can in the river, ( just wanted to talk with him, walked towards him and he had that can near the edge of the bridge, didnt saw it) That can was starting to flow with the river, and we both paniced. The stream wasnt so hard but had to run sideway the river, just picked the wrong way to run. In the muds up to knees for 2 meter, then over the fence. Hurray, animals, guess who, BULLS! yupp, those was not happy to se me. The cows between was calm but the bulls... Hell no run like crazy over next fence. finally a bit ahead of this can, well was wet and dirty and adrenaline was pumped up, jumped in the river and took the can. Wasnt to get the same way back. Went the otherside, bushes, tress and nettles was ok. then onother animal pack. Was only horses so i wasnt so scared until they started to run at me. "im afraid of horses" Specially those big ones. Jumped in the river wasnt able to get over the fence in time. So i swam back to the fishing spot. And climbed up to the bridge. He got his can back, the weather was warm and shiny, eveything just got better. we caught a pike later on that lake and grilled it.
  20. I know one thing, i lost around 20 K in game cash, but it was worth it either way i traveled around or just stayed at Texas. Im happy eaiter way, its a fresh game and bugs will come and go. I have my bitcoin from lvl and challanges but why we need bicoins wile everything is in store anyway? just a little bit higher lvl. Maybe those UNLIMITED Licenses to get?
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