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  1. So now "finally" i decided to use ExcrlSpinner 5000 on all my HC310s, because its very Balanced only matters is the numbers, rod-27/reel-26,5/line-26,2. So when you fight the very big fishes, the whole setup will vear down evenly and get thru at least 14 days ingame of fishing fx at Blue Crab. Tight lines out there.
  2. What setup do you prefer and why ??? Heavy Chaser with Empress 7000/SE Heavy Chaser with Leviathan 9000 Heavy Chaser with Leviathan 10000 Heavy Chaser with ExcelSpinner 5000 I allways take 2 of the Levi 10k and 2 Excel 5k with out becaus i cant really make up my mind wich i prefer the most I think they are very much alike when it comes up to a fight with a Unike Tarpon or Black Drum, they act very much the same. What do you guys think????
  3. Thanks for the answer that was helpfull and straight forward.
  4. Im really curious about the #(rank) as (Name, Level, (RANK) Cant really find anything about it, where it tells what, why or where you get the rank!
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