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  1. has the QnA been answered???? tmrw will be a year since this thread opened
  2. Are we going to get a fish tank so we can keep our trophy catches and show them off to our friends
  3. How many countries is fishing planet going to have Is there going to be fish finders that would go with boats and can you say anything about boats that we don't know yet What type of boats will we see,bass boats etc Is there going to be Groups in game for socializing Any update on the under water camera Will any different types of fishing take place in the near or distant future,example:ice fishing,fly fishing etc Are you going to delay the next update so consoles can catch up or is PC always gonna be first Can you give us a time for the next content update
  4. I wish I knew what your exactly talking about dude.im not to sure
  5. Just look at your line test,If your using 15kg test on a 6.8 tapoon then thats your reason.if its something else i suggest you contact the devs because it may be a glitch,don't quote me on this im not the smartest and the best at this game
  6. kenai river,lake Okeechobee , table rock ,amazon river,more creeks,ponds and small cheap places,Canada,europe ,austraila , new zealand , south america ,ice fishing,fly fishing,big boats and a bunch of other stuff....
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