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  1. I keep getting this stupid error about "terminal tackle being too light" for ANY spinner I choose on ANY reel. Um, terminal tackle is Hooks and Bobbers, which Im not using... How much money do you demand I waste trying to figure this out? Ive purchased every spinner to find one that works, then all the line.... If the Devs don't put in a better way to match gear then new people are going to leave and never come back. This game is much to "Heroes and Generals" like for my comfort. To easy for the devs to steal from us with a mistaken click.
  2. I purchased the jig hook and the plastic shad but can't seem to get any bites. Any suggestions appreciated on how to use a Jig.
  3. Hi guys, enjoying your game, thx for all the hard work. I currently use 3-27" monitors for my gaming (with trackir). The game works now but it renders all 3 screens as one instead of rendering them individually. This causes the User Interface to be located on the extreme right monitor which makes looking at it painful while attempting to monitor my bobber.. Does this game have an "ini" file where I can tweak my monitor settings and location of the UI? Last suggestion on first post; selling your equipment is a total ripoff right now. Please make it higher than 10%. BTW I think we are missing a Forum sub group for PC. I see one for MAC and Linux but not PC.
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