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  1. Yea, the Red Arrow setup is still same as always but like the rest, it's been so long since seeing any white arrows I believe the xp boost may have been taken away. Which doesn't seem right, if we can't get xp boost by using low power rigs what's the point (besides a good fight every now & then). They should've either kept both or scrapped both in my opinion.
  2. No, there's a gauge specifically for water temp; & if chum mix says warm or cold you obviously use that gauge to determine which mix is best. I know how to see the water temp, just isn't clear what point they have set the warm to cold boundary mark at. Which needs to be made clear by the Devs or someone on the staff. As for water current/flow, it may seem as easy as just judging it by eye but with 3 different current/flow strengths it should be clearly outlined in the waterway descriptions or stated by Devs or staff member. Preciate ya trying to help but guessing & close enough isn't quite the answer we need in my opinion, but again the attempt is appreciated.
  3. @Dennis_FP @Sergey.B (or any FP DEV/Support Staff members) I have 2 basic & easy questions for y'all. First one is concerning the rivers current/flow; Is there somewhere ingame to find out what each rivers current/flow speed is for the North American & European rivers? If there is nowhere ingame to find this out can y'all reply here with the info? Second question is concerning the water temp boundary line between cold & warm water for using the chum mixes; Exactly what temp marks the highest cold water temp & what is the lowest temp that marks the warm water starting point? Examples: Tiber, Italy - slow/moderate/fast ?? .... Neherrin, N.C. - slow/moderate/fast ?? Example: 64 degrees highest cold water mark/ 65 degrees lowest warm water mark ??
  4. Christmas event has begun folks!! No mission on the Mission tab, but we still got presents & the fun of helping others reach challenges we've already completed. Rounding up presents now & heading to Alberta too shine a lil "light" lol.
  5. No need to spread unfounded rumours & get folks worrying something has been cancelled. Last years event was the week of Christmas thru New Years, this years event should be the same. Confirmed by Support staff that the Christmas event is happening, while they didn't give an exact date/timeframe as stated it should be the same as last years event.
  6. TC915


    If on ps4 just hold down the PS button & chose Close Application. Best to still report it to support staff, the more complaints on any given issue means the faster they get fixed.
  7. Definitely looking forward to another great Christmas event & seeing more of the "old folks" ingame again. Hoping for some new Christmas missions for us "old timers" , though as long as it's as good as last years event can't see any complaints being made.
  8. Much appreciated Sergey! You & Ms. Diana are always very helpful whenever I use the Support email method for getting info. Was 99% sure the server/pumpkin reset time was the correct time but since nothing official was mentioned figured best bet was to be cautious & say "Possibly" just incase. Great job goes to y'all (Support & Dev staff) on this years event, lots of community involvement/collaboration & praise by the majority of folks I've fished with the past 2 weeks. Hope Christmas event does the same & is even better than last years great event was. Thanks again!
  9. Agreed; tho I believe the devs shouldn't be worrying about searching the forum for questions, that's really a job for dedicated mods/support staff that have direct access to the devs for any questions they can't immediately answer themselves. I made sure to make it known my answer was only for the date & the time could be any time on the 4th (from 12:01am to 11:59 pm), so to not cause any confusion. Though you are correct we need an official answer because as you stated a lot of folks are scrambling to complete as many missions/challenges as possible & may need to pick & choose depending on timeframe left. Luckily we have those tools to tag folks in a post so..... @Dennis_FP @Sergey.B Could someone let us know the exact time the Halloween event will end on the 4th? Also it'd be nice if y'all could include what time zone (GMT; EST; PST) since this is a global game, so there's no confusion. Thanks in advance.
  10. 2 minutes ago, Gjinja said: Sorry for the bonehead question, but I can't seem to find when the event ending date is, anyone willing to help a n00b out & fill me in pls? What is the ending date/time? Thanks No exact hour given but the end date is Nov. 4th ; Possibly at the 8pm (Eastern) pumpkin reset time, though could be anytime on the 4th.
  11. Reply received from Support staff about the Halloween underwater items (noose, bones, chains, etc...) . Apparently those items will only be used next Halloween & will return; so if inventory space is an issue we can toss them & just find/recieve them at a later time. Unless inventory space isn't an issue, then I suppose keeping them would give folks a headstart on next years missions. Personally I plan on tossing all but 1 of each type, lol that opens up close to 50+ (so far) item slots for me.
  12. Wow!! Glad I steered clear of the tournament this month. Be really disappointing if ya got beat by folks that weren't even suppose to be there.
  13. Was thinking same way V & definitely hoping the Sweet Tooth challenge isn't event locked, cause I've been doing other side challenges & hoarding my candies to complete that one after. Though certain any event missions or side challenges linked to event fish (Vamp, Yeti, Ogre, Ghost, Skeleton) will be locked until next Halloween.
  14. 4 minutes ago, Violentvole said: Well...it if had been 100lbs heavier ( 70lb fish cannot devour humans, yet the description makes it out to be of the terrifyingly huge ilk ), I didn't get it first cast and it'd fought like a demon I'd be happier I guess. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the event - far better than last year! Just seems a bit...lacking after all that effort. And you can only catch it once.. Ah well, gives me a chance to wrap up the 100 albinos and ogres I didn't get to finish last year I guess. Glad you made that point (meant to include it & forgot, age is catching up to me lol). Being able to catch him more than once would have made event alot better as well. Oh well, here's hoping they take the communities constructive criticisms in account for future events. And yes looking forward to polishing off a few old challenges & finish off "Ghost Buster" if for nothing else too recoup a few spent baitcoins. As soon as the Ga. v Fla. game is over that's what I'll be doing.... Oh & GO DAWGS!!!!!
  15. Very nice & Congrats!! Honestly I was a lil disappointed with the weight & easy fight ole Frankie put up as well; but was still satisfied & enjoyed this years event. Might be overlooking it's faults more than others, though it's probably due to last years completely disappointing debut. All in all I'd say it was a solid B+ (or A if last year was still fresh in folks memories lol) event. Here's to hoping Christmas event is at least as good as last year or a step up as well. Anyhow, glad to see ya conquered those tortuous Skeletons & joined the "Monstrosity club"!
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