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  1. Anyone had this issue with x box game? controller working fine, only button that works is b, which throws you into the menu and all my buttons work. But i can’t move in game, can’t fish...but i can change rods if i use the menu to do it. second time in a week it’s happened.
  2. I catch em all day and night...narrow spoon stop and go on the bottom of the lake.
  3. Ok one time is a hiccup. This happened to me twice in 2 weeks, always on the weekend. spawn in, can’t move. No controller buttons work except for b....which takes you into the menu. All my buttons work in the menu.... tried all the usual, restart, reconnect, nothing fixes it. Last week 30 minutes later after powering down, it worked again. this time waited an hour still can’t move. Anyone else have this? Costs me money and license fees when i can’t play and have to spawn back to Texas.
  4. Same problem for me always happens after a long ass tough fight with a walleye in New York. Sucks badly.
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