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  1. I've noticed that if I fish there to practice for a comp I catch what I need for comp even a couple of unis but if I go into a comp i catch nothing its happened more than a few times
  2. let me check mine now will let u all know how it goes
  3. same here bought it twice Microsoft said its a developer issue now
  4. for real sold that boat and net im good lol lol
  5. now I don't feel as bad but damn hope they refund u buddy I hope it gets fixed
  6. my dumbass tried buying it twice lol that how bad I've been wanting blue crab on fisherman cause I'm bored waiting for Bolivia on fishing planet
  7. curious on how they plan on fixing this hopefully its just a simple update
  8. yea and Microsoft says its on the developers side to resolve this issue
  9. I just bought the blue crab dlc for Xbox I got everything included but still can't fish blue crab and being able to fish there was supposed to be included developer's please help my dumb ass tried buying it again and did same thing purchase went through and then I try travel there and game freezes and I reset the game and still can't travel there
  10. what was the 7gig update for ???? today?
  11. Same here it's like each day the doesn't fully connect your losing money cause on a off chance u get in and fish as much as I can then I have to rebuy my license and then after that I get kicked back out it's just not acceptable my premium is bout up hope they reimburse those who have premium and who have lost in game money or baitcoins
  12. This is ridiculous cause it's just wasted money at this point my premium bout to run out and can't even fish the bass tournament casue get her past the first loading screen I want abetter answer than the "rest router and ur console" B.S now how are going to reimburse ur paying customers for lost time cause these last two days I haven't been able to fish and now ur going to pay me back for those two days or give me two days premium
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