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  1. thank you I fish comps everyday thats mostly what I do when I play this game and if im correct me and you always go back and forth on the standings lol I completely agree with you on everything you say on the rotation of names but a lot of it also has to do with knowing how to atleast fish the comps like c'mon carp I dont even know how to fish that so I never get unis but in free fishing there I can get unis left and right so a lot of it is just the knowing I believe but yes there is also the non fair fisherman out there lol thank you for your response happy fishing
  2. I'm having a issue doing the "BIG RED" comp for xbox I can't seem to find the right crank bait for that comp I've used all x-series cranks even tried 3ft crank the conditions are sunny aswell can anyone please point me in right direction please and thank you
  3. ever since the Amazonia Maze update ive been trying to level up and fishing Marron River getting uni red tail and gilded cats and notice my XP bar going lower rather up even I have noticed the bar actually going down sometimes it goes up but it goes down any one else have same issue
  4. can't we all just get along lol this game and community has helped me out more than I like to admit I'm sure when the update comes it will have a few bug here and there and we will all still play it cause it will just as amazing and beautiful to play
  5. fisherman Christmas is live now its not the same event as fishing planet though its last years event that fishing planet had
  6. ever since new most recent update after I clip my line I can't change reel speed or drag when reeling in it effects all my poles I have to close game completely to fix issue I play on xbox
  7. can't see my friends chat or what they catch while on Marron im on xbox even if I RB click to friend section on chat that doesnt help even at times I can't even see my friend or they can't see me while we join each others room
  8. the thing is I dont see them in my friend section which is weird
  9. how do I unfriend someone it shows me that so and so is now online I'm on xbox but never friend anyone I don't know please help
  10. where is the bundle I play on Xbox and don't see the option for a bundle??? I know steam had a pack but I can't find it if there happens to be one for xbox
  11. I've noticed that if I fish there to practice for a comp I catch what I need for comp even a couple of unis but if I go into a comp i catch nothing its happened more than a few times
  12. same here bought it twice Microsoft said its a developer issue now
  13. yea and Microsoft says its on the developers side to resolve this issue
  14. I just bought the blue crab dlc for Xbox I got everything included but still can't fish blue crab and being able to fish there was supposed to be included developer's please help my dumb ass tried buying it again and did same thing purchase went through and then I try travel there and game freezes and I reset the game and still can't travel there
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