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  1. Hi. After the latest update is almost impossible to fish at night in Bolivia. Is it only my impression? I also noticed that with the Spell Launcher 350, unique fish take a lot longer to catch. Is this something the developers wanted? Wasn't it better to increase the power of the Cazadoras? Marco
  2. costamarvr


    HI to all . I have some doubts about the new Brazil lake. Only a casting rod has been upgraded and I think the Cazadoras not adequate for the purpose ... I also noticed that the Spell Launcher 350 have been reduced in capacity after the new update. Is fishing from the boat the only solution? Do you have any setup tips for bottom and float fishing? Thanks Marco
  3. Hi. To restart the game and the missions I created a new account. If I log into steam with the new account from the same Mac can I play with the new one without creating overlaps? In practice, are 2 individual folders created for accounts? Thanks
  4. Hi.There may be differences with the catches between those who play on the windows and mac platforms? Thanks and happy new year!
  5. Hi. Mac user: how I can keep the level reached and all the equipment available in case of HD format? I have to save the "steamapps" folder and then add it in the new one installation path from scratch? Are there other things to do? Can I transfer my progress from MAC to Windows PC? Thanks to all
  6. Hi. In which lake do I find the pieces of oak tree? Thx
  7. If I understand your question correctly I think it depends on the tension of the line, when the fish is too slow it loses the hook.
  8. Hi. I would like some information about the fishing planet game. I play it on Mac; is my account configuration in some folder or does it reside on servers? If I had to format my HD, I have to save some data from my Mac? If I install the game again, I find everything as it was before, Dlc included? In the case of not accessing the game for a long time, does it lead to any losses? Thank you and thanks for your patience Marco
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