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  1. Hello I was coming to the forum to launch an idea and I came across this post. someone had thought about it before me it would indeed be a great idea to add fishing to the fly in my opinion. this would provide a wider fishing experience. with a lot of possibility! I'm a "flymaker" myself and I could already tell you about certain things: The different style throw: simple traction or double traction. fishing with a dry fly (floating) the drowned (flowing), imitation insect, spider, ant, beetle, small fish, streamer. there could even be a fly editing editor or we could let our imagination do the job! there is a very large amount of material for fly fishing -the canes: quick action or not. parabolic, semi-parabolic, and of all sizes. -the bristles: floating, drowned, semi-drowned, of all different levels of quality and color. -the reels: which for the fishing a fly serve only to store the silk once finished, the control of the silk is done with the fingers but some model has an automatic reminder of silk. for the fly mounting equipment there, the list of gear explodes completely! - the mounting pad: of various level of range and with a lot of functionality optional. -the small tooling: scissors, coil door, tweezers, twister, pic, wisp finish, etc... -the assembly wires: nylon, floss, copper, lead, etc. all colors and diameters. -hooks: of all sizes and shapes, for floating, drowned, streamer, etc. -feathers and beards: all feathers existing on earth are good (and each part of the bird gives different feathers for different use) -the hairs: ditto that for feathers -the dubbing: kind of fine down available in all color (synthetic or natural) Synthetic materials: zinc (translucent materials to create insect wings), foam (unsinkable materials), etc,... -balls and beads, plastic, tungstene, of all diameter and color and all weights. -the varnishes, glues, epoxy,... and the list and still very long (it would take 1000 pages just to list the part of the feathers and hairs) In short the addition of fishing to the fly would be a very big addition that would be in my opinion extremely disturbing! post that I would follow with great interest translated text with google
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