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  1. I'm not spending any more money on game might stop playing 3 cat fish in 3 hrs of peak time is it just I'm to high lvl to catch in Missouri now if that's not it then the grab the line and take bait every time might just stop even know I love the game
  2. Plus I like to make friends and talk
  3. I'll have a look but I'm sure it's the same both ways for me I wont to go back to mic but I don't wont to pay to go there and not catch anything
  4. I go to four rivers and I'm lucky to get 50lb of fish in net is there an issues with this the rivers are rocky lake. Neherrin river emarald lake r the main ones and all I can get is some cat fish in muddwatar I wot to go back to saint croix but even if I could catch the fish would I catch them there
  5. Yer I ment there is no point going out of way to catch but buck r ok tho
  6. I think that sucks realy because I've been trying to catch them but realy there is no point
  7. On the PS4 edition r we not surpose to get gold for unique fish catches
  8. I think there should be a mail system where when there is a problem like the catch issues people know about it I lost money going to dif location and could not catch anything
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