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  1. I know this thread was made several months ago, but the EULA you had to accept when you downloaded Fisherman, and was available to read BEFORE you bought downloaded, specifically mentioned BIGBEN as the owner. and even had a section that said they were not required to provide updates to the game. I mean, i get being mad about it if you didn't read the EULA first, it's really on you.. They covered their butts. "4. Updates Bigben Interactive is not required to provide the User with updates, upgrades or new versions (hereinafter "Updates") of the Multimedia Product software. However, in circumstances where Bigben Interactive does provide an Update to the User, the User must be in possession of a valid licence for the previous version to be able to use the Update, which will be provided according to the terms of this Licence. The User also acknowledges that Bigben Interactive reserves the right to stop or reduce support for old versions, gradually or otherwise. The User therefore agrees to download and use any Update provided to fully benefit from the warranties made by Bigben Interactive. https://store.steampowered.com//eula/1072480_eula_0
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