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  1. I think there's a certain time every real life day when the weather templates are reset/shuffled. I can't remember the exact time but I'm sure someone might.
  2. Is anyone of those players who you perceive to be "constantly pausing" achieving a score that is way over the regular winning scores? That's the question, if not then I don't think there's much reason to waste time and thought over it.
  3. Are you sure you placed 3rd in the end? The competitions are sort of asynchronous, one can finish 1st and by the time everyone finishes as well, end up 15th.
  4. jimkaf

    - money

    You can be fined for catching a fish without a valid license, no matter whether you kept it or not.
  5. I'm under the impression the points you gain/lose on a competition depend on the following factors: 1) the place you finish obviously, 2) how many people actually played the competition and finished with a score (even zero but not empty), 3) your current personal rating (the higher it is the harder it is to gain points).
  6. Not a single bite sounds painfully familiar. Were you fishing in the waterway already before entering? If so, did you empty the keepnet and restart the game?
  7. Happens some times for me as well. Especially with carp sinker without a pva or a closed feeder or the xs open feeder it's nearly guaranteed to either sink into the ground like that or drift without end.
  8. I think you're worrying too much. You wouldn't be able to know what time people have their catches anyway since time is relative to when someone joins a comp. Competitions are asynchronous, only tournament semifinals and finals and custom comps have strict times. In competitive fp what I would advise is running custom comps with the template (weather/time) of the comp you want to practice for and try to find ways to get scores you need, then it's just a matter of luck and repeating things over and over for the plan or rotation you've found and aim to get your practice score in actual comp too. I've no idea really if incognito works on other platforms but I really don't see what kind of advantage it would give to someone, I personally just turned it on once out of curiosity.
  9. Fish fightpower seems to have been boosted since the update. It's not just marron, I noticed all fights being harder in bci, weeping willow and cali.
  10. When you join a competition you'll see in your room are 5 or 10 people (depending on comp and platform I think). Those are people that are in the same "room" with you. That exact time there's lots of rooms running. You'll only see what people in your room catch and what in your room say. In a tournament you can enter a room and might be fishing with another 9 people. Once those 2 hours have passed even if you started exactly when tour times start you can check and see that 50 or 100 have finished. And of course different accounts/people in different platforms. Try adding my username "jimkaf" to your friends list on any platform except steam/pc, you'll see no such user existing. Hope that helps
  11. I think you can actually hide things with /incognito on pc/steam but no idea if it works on ps4.
  12. I did catch a snakehead in quanchkin while fooling around for cats with the xs crank 6/0 but it was just one.
  13. Participating in custom comps for tour practice is a good idea, you can also create a custom comp with the same weather/time/details as the tour and ask a friend to join for practice (you need one more person to start a custom comp and the don't even need to play, just join/ready)
  14. When you add the first base it'll inevitably be 100% since it'll be the only ingredient for the moment. You then add the aroma and the maximum for that in a mix is 10% or 9.99%. You then can add up to 15% of the particles, the percentages are updated as you add ingredients. What bait are you using, and what hook size, so we might help more.
  15. You'll need to buy a new rod case that will allow you to carry more rods.
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