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  1. For good measure I always start a new day with an empty net before entering a comp.
  2. I think I've followed those threads more or less, maybe I missed the exact recipe being mentioned, apologies if that's the case. Regarding the tournament though, Q2 was doable. Except if I used a glitch recipe and I don't even know it, who knows, everything's possible I guess.
  3. Why don't we mention this "well known ground bait glitch" in hopes of forcing it's correction? I'm sort of curious to boot.
  4. You've got your opinion and I can see there's no point to argue further. My opinion is that the way to actually being competitive in those events doesn't lie in watching and copying youtube videos.
  5. Sorry to break it to you buddy but I wish it was that easy. Next time, same weather, same comp, I finished #58.
  6. I'll respectfully disagree, 25/08/2020, with feeder.
  7. jimkaf

    oversize fish

    Oh for sure, I record a lot such data as well. My point was the sheer amount of different combinations for chum mixes is easily well over a million. Hard to try them all right?
  8. jimkaf

    oversize fish

    I'm a little reluctant to believe that anyone had the time to "try every mix". Every possible combination of groundbait, particles, aromas in different ratios?
  9. I'm intrigued. Could you elaborate on the "find the magic puzzle piece on the internet" part?
  10. Probably means to have your hands empty. On PC this is done by pressing '0' (zero).
  11. Any chance you've got the reel set at speed 4? It never shows when it's set at 4.
  12. Hadn't tried it with other carp but sure works for bighead.
  13. Hi everyone, just my two cents. I'm quite noob at comps, have never had premium nor bought a dlc, member of no clan. Still I've won a couple and usually place in top 20 in most comps I get to join, often top 10. Sometimes I do wonder how the ones at the top have so much success while I'm struggling but then I chat, ask around, try different things on my own and with work every time I tend to do better. It really doesn't seem to me that there's any kind of rigging. Sometimes people have more time or more info or acquired the appropriate gear. Don't give up, I arrived late to the comp aspect but it's so motivating and fun I wish I'd started from earlier.
  14. Greetings. Any update on this? It's making things very difficult on Linux and aside from this, game seems to run way more stable than windows, at least for my pc. ( No crashes with the minimap on Linux) Thanks in advance for any reply.
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