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  1. On that matter it would be nice if we could run custom practice comps without needing a second player to join, would save us pestering others with pms.
  2. I'd be interested to read about ideas on how to achieve such tournaments, I've thought for example maybe new unseen tournament specific maps.
  3. I'm nearly sure the anniversary cup had a monetary prize. What are the seniority benefits by the way?
  4. Make sure to keep getting the login bonus for every RL day. If I were you I'd try to avoid converting baitcoins at all costs they aren't so easy to come by as it seems at first. Do I remember wrong, isn't the lone star lake free to travel? If so you could just fish peak hours and return home, travel again, ought to be faster.
  5. Up to 32kg common carp is doable in san joaquin with some good rng, both regular fishing and c'mon carp. I haven't yet seen or caught a bigger yet.
  6. That should definitely be the case, usability-wise. I've a lot of times accidentally bought things I didn't want to and the fact that sometimes shop items are sorted by level while other times by regular/gold doesn't help at all.
  7. I was really looking forward to this event but as soon as I saw its whole design with the jukebox etc I opted out. It seemed like too much time and too much frustration instead of fun. I'm not really regretting it from all I've read so far and other friends' experience. All the events I've played so far at some point I was really frustrated, could just be the fact I'm not keen on paying actual money to do them.
  8. Just don't get weirded out of you can't reel backwards past the clip I still panic sometimes
  9. You can either try to juggle fish, fight one for a few seconds switch to another rod and so on, you can try to fight the one on the rod in your hand hoping you won't lose the others due to tension dropping. Some types of fish might stay a while and are more manageable while others drop tension faster. There's no guarantee you'll land all the fish biting.
  10. I'm at a loss here, this doesn't make sense unless you have a different definition for the word exploit. To the rest of us that's taking advantage of a bug. The developers are well aware of the carp sizes we are getting, if they thought that is due to a bug or error they would have easily fixed it. Exploit usually refers to taking advantage of a bug - as many were doing for example when they'd position their rod stand in a specific way so their character would bug and be allowed to walk into deep water and land fish with minimal effort. Moreover I fail to understand the comparison with "real world carp" sizes. Weeping willow is an imaginary lake in an imaginary universe and the real world record for mirror carp is 104lbs / 47.175kg.
  11. Can we finally let the joke about the secret exploit chum recipe rest? I've gotten 40kg+ mirror & leather carp using at least a dozen different chum recipes and talking about different ingredients too, not just ratio. I can come up with a dozen more and many others do so all the time, it's a matter of constant testing and improving, day by day, investing hours and effort. Let's stop this joke, please, it's insulting to many folk who spend endless hours in weeping wiilow. In case we're talking about the f2p pc/steam version, no idea about the other platforms.
  12. Update. After hitting end comp I noticed I had 5th place, so turns out the fish were counting but the game was crashing and the Rankings Board not updating.
  13. Constant disconnects while trying to enter maps/comps last few days.
  14. Any plans to allow for bulk purchases of items, for example 100 sets of 10 boilies instead of having to click 100 times?
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