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  1. I was talking about The Fisherman. Everything is normal on the Fishing pPanet
  2. I can't enter the game since yesterday on Xbox One. Does anyone else have this problem?
  3. How are polarized glasses activated on Xbox One?
  4. Thanks, now I understood that new players like me have to learn from the experienced ones and not fall into bulgarity of calling anyone a cheater
  5. I apologize to player ItchyCalf for doubting his game, I realized that when I made this post I was a newbie. Now I have much more experience which led me to win Mighty Carp so I apologize to the entire community.
  6. He uses the Xbox app on Windows 10 so I have to suspect, I can’t believe I’m the only player who gets that size on that map and it just so happens since the last update I started winning this tournament. He didn’t play it before.
  7. Hello my name in the game (Xbox One) is BsK Bruno 5, yesterday I found it curious in the C'mon Carps competition the size of the catch of ItchyCalf226655 (Polak) which was 22,699 kg (50,043 pounds), I have been playing for years 148 days and I never saw a size like this catch in Delta San Joaquín and as if it were not shortly afterwards I filtered the largest carp in the Delta and one of 26,496 kg (58,413 pounds) appeared caught by this same player and the remaining 99 did not exceed 21,934 kg (48356 lbs.). I want them to do something about it. For me, this is a dirty game and they don't want to compete because it is impossible to beat them. Thank you
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