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  1. Yea man. You're right. But I'm only lvl 24 . For that setup i need at least lvl 30. So lets grind
  2. Hello. I'm coming here for asking your help . This is my rod setup. But when fish gets on my leader always brakes. Why? What I'm doing wrong?
  3. Hello mate. If u have any problems u can watch some youtube tutorials. I had this problem too. But i don't remember how did I fix that. Try to use some golden or red lures, because these are the best in night and day. Or just if u wanna go for some big fishes u can try use ''Small Morrows'' on your bobber road. This bait is a live fish. Yesterday i catch it 9.6kg on these baits. But i recommend u to use these golden or red lures.
  4. Vankaa


    Can i somehow get Premuin for free ?
  5. just go like 80ft and do a lift and drop.
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