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  1. The game is not crossplatform. You can not play with your mate on a PC if you are on a PS4.
  2. Spug

    Fishing Planet Packs

    To be fair mate, it is a little confusing with them having such similar names. Even more confusing is that The Fisherman - Fishing Planet, was made by the Fishing Planet team, but it was distributed by a different company, who unfortunately don't appear to have a great track record.
  3. A quick image for you to explain all.
  4. Spug

    Fishing Planet Packs

    I think you may have misunderstood PH_Carpman99. The Fisherman - Fishing Planet and Fishing Planet are two different games. You have purchased some DLC for a game that you are not playing. support@fishingplanet.com should be able to clear up DLC for their game. But you will need to speak to Sony about a mistake purchase to sort out the Predator pack.
  5. I believe the Mega Chuber is a Carp Rod. Here is a snapshot from a YouTube video. Time stamp 2 minutes 30 seconds.
  6. Did you do all of the steps below? If so then your best bet is to send an email to support@fishingplanet.com
  7. Spug

    No rods

    Email the support team fella. support@fishingplanet.com
  8. Spug

    Fish History Wiped

    I did notice when looking at the Monster Fish table today that there appear to be none caught before 20th May 2020. Only 66 Rainbow Outlaws caught in total.
  9. Not that I can see; Fish Date Weight Rainbow Outlaw 5/23/2020 19.987 Rainbow Outlaw 5/22/2020 19.844 Rainbow Outlaw 5/20/2020 19.790 Rainbow Outlaw 5/25/2020 19.639 Rainbow Outlaw 5/23/2020 19.225 Rainbow Outlaw 5/20/2020 18.926 Rainbow Outlaw 5/24/2020 18.737 Rainbow Outlaw 5/21/2020 18.587 Rainbow Outlaw 5/22/2020 18.540 Rainbow Outlaw 5/21/2020 18.468 That's the top 10. The lightest fish was caught on 5/25/2020.
  10. You need to complete this mission first. Then you can use the Frankenbait to do this one...
  11. Is your line speed set too high? You won't get any presentations at speed 4.
  12. I would imagine that Crossplay would come with Fishing Planet 2. To implement it at this point would take untold hours resulting in no future content.
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