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  1. Bigger Hook size needed for Salmon. Smallest Hook - #10 Biggest Hook - #10/0 It goes #10, #9, #8, ... , #1, #1/0, ... , #9/0, #10/0 When going for the Salmon you should also get some Splake and Lake Trout.
  2. Hook depends on what you're trying to catch. Big mouth, big hook. Little mouth, little hook.
  3. Good catch Tonto. I meant 100g Feeder Cage, not lures. That should give an optimal cast on the Big Alli. You need to put a similar weight Reel on the Match Rod. Match Rods use Spin Reels. Brutus 300 Line Weight Max - 16Kg ThunderSpin 4500 Max Drag - 16Kg Fluoro Line 0.55 Test Weight - 15.8Kg I'll let you figure out the bobber and baits.
  4. That is down to the Lure Weight. The Big Alli 450 has a Lure Weight of 14g to 42g. The Crankbait and Narrow Spoon that I mention are both 21g. Should be an optimal set up.
  5. I would suggest a full PC restart. Failing that, uninstall and reinstall. I'm using that same version and it all works for me.
  6. White Moose Lake - Atlantic Salmon Bait Small Minnows or Large Minnows (they also like Shiners too). Setup I used a Feeder Rod setup when I was there and using bait; Big Alli 450 Rod Hornet Swarm 4000 Reel Hook Size #6/0 Note My best results were with a Casting Rod setup using a Crankbait 3.5m, #2/0 or a Narrow Spoon 21g, #3/0
  7. You may struggle at your level of equipment. Your best Line Max rod is 25Kg on a CosmoCast 220 Casting Rod. Your best Max Drag reel is 22Kg on a Cyclone 6500 Casting Reel. You may be a tad under levelled to pull the fish from Maku Maku. Having said that, you must reduce your tension settings on your reel so that you do not snap your line, or break your rod/reel. This may result in never pulling the fish in as it slowly runs away with your line.
  8. Xbox and Windows 10 are compatible. If your PC friend (or yourself) downloads Fishing Planet from the Windows store, that will allow you to play together.
  9. Don't forget to let them know which platform and your in game name. support@fishingplanet.com
  10. I don't think that is known. The same developers made the game but The Fisherman was published by another company and they have all the power when it comes to DLC, and updates. If the publisher doesn't feel like doing it, then it won't happen. IMO you might as well bin off The Fisherman and play the free version.
  11. Bulkan es el canal de YouTube al que suelo ir para encontrar peces difíciles. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXaNIZWotl1Yb2sYWew-d9Q
  12. Traducir está luchando con 'Ródeo' ¿es cierto pez lo que estás tratando de atrapar?
  13. Good point PH_Carpman99. Must learn my rod names.
  14. Have you added the leader?
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