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  1. Best spot to catch trout I have found. Get a 2 pole rod holder and you will only need natural eggs. With these and this special spot and 2 bottom rods you will not have time to put your pole down before you have another. In the picture at the base of the cliff (RIGHT AT THE BASE) cast into the cliff there is a rock bottom meeting grass you want to be on the rock but edge of the grass is fine. Cast here and set leaders 10 to 20 inches #4-#2 hooks natural eggs. I have good luck before peak and extreme luck during. Happy fishing!
  2. When will rod stands on boats be in game for PS4? I've read a few posts and the answer was always after new years. Post was in 2019 a new post was recent 2020 this month and dev replied after new years. Is there more of like a month and day it will be released on?
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