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  1. Can we get a response on crankbaits please?

    I haven't played this for a couple months but got on today and I'm using cranks in FL, they're working great. Is the issues you are having specific to a location(s), on kayaks, or just in general?
  2. Demotivated.

    That one should work pretty well there too. I just didn't have it when I was there.
  3. Demotivated.

    If you're still in NC try standing roughly where the red circle is,there is a rock at the waters edge that I stand on, and cast along the left bank using casting spoons. Really casting anywhere towards the fallen logs works but along the bank worked best for me. The Red Devil spoon worked great for me. Tons of largemouth and smallmouth, catfish as well but worth less money per pound. Also you are at the level now that you can get cranks. I highly recommend those in that location if you can afford a 3ft craw crank, retrieve speed 2. Good luck buddy!
  4. 4 gig update

    Starts up like normal. Nothing. Hopefully the Halloween thing.
  5. 4 gig update

    Man I have slowed to a crawl. Now 15 minutes. 4gb for bug fixes?!
  6. 4 gig update

    Supposedly 100meg Will do. 5meg, man that's gotta hurt.
  7. 4 gig update

    You all using dial-up? Haha. Mine is half done and started it less than 5 minutes ago. I don't have Google fiber or anything crazy like that either.
  8. Fish of the Month

    Also higher level gear, i.e. longer rods, help you cast farther.
  9. Fish of the Month

    I hear there's a historic striper, hopin to snag that soon.
  10. I can't catch Tarpon in Florida on PS4? Help

    The last few that I caught were definitely more acrobatic than when I started catching them. I think there was a patch in there somewhere. The ROI is not great on them but what I was doing in FL was filling my 220 net to 219 or so with LM bass and then going to get a giant tarpon to overfill my net. So like in the pic above my total ended up being 249.116lb. 219lb worth of LM bass money then a bonus grand for that tarpon.
  11. I can't catch Tarpon in Florida on PS4? Help

    Definitely tarpon in FL and man they are fun!
  12. Bass obsession!

    Ask and you shall receive. Haha Congrats btw.
  13. Fish of the Month

    Literally the morning of the 3rd in game day. I came here for the first time yesterday afternoon irl. Total I've fished here maybe 3 hours real time. I think I got lucky more than anything. I spent may 50% of those 3 hours fishing for carp.
  14. Fish of the Month

    Yea buddy! The whole reason I came to Cali.
  15. Bass obsession!

    I've got another spot posted in this discussion for FL uni.