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  1. I had caught up words of a few hundred trophy fish and the time I had played and it definitely cannot payout 10K in 30 minutes. And I was whining because once I got in the hole so deep all I could do was fish on the basic license in Texas and when I ran out of bait I wasn't even going to be able to have bait to fish with. Playing fishing Sim world now and find the fight once the fish is hooked much more realistic than no response at all on the joysticks or controller. However in all fairness fishing planet did have several things that I like much better I just feel like the fines are ridiculous and proportion to the potential earnings and it was an honest mistake am I part that virtually put me out of the game at which point it's not a game anymore. If you landed on boardwalk and had to pay $20,000 which virtually guaranteed your bankruptcy any time you hit it it's the same effect. But probably the most prominent issue to me is I have fished all over the world and I have never seen fines for releasing fish although I am aware of a few areas non-native species have become so dominant that they do something similar to that or possibly even fine U.
  2. Well as far as the amount of money obtained in earned I probably was at a low level. The $10,000 fine put me about 6,000 in the hole. Another guy commented that all I had to do was continue to catch fish in the Everglades and save up the money to make up for it and so on and so forth. However once you go that far into the hole you are only able to fish in Texas only on a basic license because you cannot buy the advanced license . Thus only able to keep the absolute cheapest fish of all and earning several thousand dollars plus several thousand more to get back where you were is almost unachievable. right it would take days and days of time and it pretty much ruins the entire game. I have not checked because I already uninstalled the game but I would almost bet that there would be a way to buy my way back to a positive cash flow because it appears that fishing planet really only cares about selling all those upgrade packages 4 insane amounts of money. Thx for your comment
  3. That is actually exactly my point. When they fine you $10,000 you cannot overcome it without destroying everything you've worked for to get back the level you were at therefore they take the entire fun of the game away and it is no longer a game but just one big giant inflamed hemorrhoid. .. I have already uninstalled it
  4. Fishing Planet will rate as a zero in my book as well. My problem is their lack of support and outrageous fines imposed on even releasing fish. The $10,000 fine is so insanely High that if you make an honest mistake and release a fish that you should not it will end your game for you basically. I am uninstalling their product and will never recommend it nor get another one of their products. They refuse a customer support do you even allow you a one-time honest mistake and act like it's real money. It's a freaking game!!!!!! I started a thread on the high fines today as they are ridiculously out of proportion to real life as well as all the prices on everything that fishing planet has. Worst experience I have ever had as a gamer in 40 years
  5. Fishing in the Everglades I released a bowfin and suffered as a result a ridiculously insurmountable $10,000 fine. The warning of releasing this fish appears at a glance exactly as the warning of keeping one and being fine that amount. I inadvertently released the fish was fined $10,000 which is an insurmountable amount of money to overcome in this game. Customer support acts like it's real money and refuses to credit it back they are forcing me to uninstall the game as I am not going to spend days and days to get back to where I was over a simple mistake. Only an idiot would either keep or release a fish intentionally with a $10,000 fine attached and this amount of money is so out of proportion to what you can earn with the fish it makes it virtually impossible to continue on with your game. Diana at customer support has flat out refused to help in this situation at all so obviously keeping a happy customer means nothing to fishing planet and I will uninstall this game and never install another one of their products again. I have been a gamer for over 40 years since they were invented and I have never come across a game so misleading and a flat-out rip off. If all of the players do not start bringing up this issue of having a separate warning for fish that are to be kept rather than released and to reduce this insanely high amount of fine then nothing will change and you can make one simple button push that will ruin your game for you forever. Aside from that the insanely high prices they already charge for tackle and equipment combined with the licenses as well as Define far exceed any reality in the real world. I was also under the impression they consulted many professionals who are Anglers but if you review the credits there was not one professional angler mentioned just another misrepresentation.
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