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  1. Has anyone noticed any differences in bite rate between the lakes? Do they bite more at the higher level lakes? And does it matter which lures you use at which lakes? I've nearly caught them all now, but I know some people have been complaining the swimbait is slow. I had a hunch it might work better at Marron, but I haven't tried it yet - has anyone else?
  2. Yeah it's annoying, I used to get really frustrated with it as well. I think they do it to get people hooked. At low levels where money is precious, you either have to play for hours to make up the cash, spend real money or stop playing completely. It won't work for everyone but I bet it does for people with more spare time. Once you get to higher levels you have more money than you can spend, so it's not an issue. But the game economics in the beginning are rubbish. Looking back, I can't believe I stuck with it. I must have had a lot of time on my hands!
  3. Which weather system is that?
  4. I've fished that spot for about 10 days, all weathers. Caught 100 trophies but no uni. Sometimes it happens in this game - the spot that works for most people doesn't work for everyone.
  5. Thanks but that spot isn't working for me.
  6. Does anyone have any coordinates? I can't find it anywhere and none of the yt videos work for me.
  7. I discovered this the other day as well! Never even used them
  8. I lost mine after I caught the monster so it's gone forever
  9. You can get it if you haven't caught the monster yet. Track the mission again and catch more backlash or whatever it is.
  10. Thanks guys. I ended up doing half in Florida and the other half in Louisiana. I think Florida was faster actually, which is strange because nobody mentions it.
  11. Where have you found it easiest to catch snakeheads for the St Patricks day event?
  12. The 'prizes' are pretty rubbish, these events usually end up costing me a lot more than I make. I just like having some missions to complete, it's a pretty boring game otherwise.
  13. Anyone know when it's coming out? Getting bored with no missions left to do or fish left to catch.
  14. Has anyone caught one? I can't find it anywhere.
  15. Has anyone caught one? Can't find it anywhere.
  16. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else had this problem?
  17. Anybody caught one? I knew it would be rare, but this is ridiculous...
  18. I'm at level 60...I've caught every fish of every size at every lake...completed every mission...and I can't even level up ready for the new update until they release it. What can I do to keep the game fun? It just feels a bit dead to me now.
  19. Well would you look at that... Thanks man!
  20. You're kidding me? The last time I checked, 2 or 3 months ago, people were only catching them by mistake when going after bigger fish. And even then they were ridiculously rare. Are you telling me they bite just like any other fish now? In the standard blackfish spot?
  21. I wish I knew how or why they do that. That buffalo spot is definitely dead for me at least. I first tried it 3 or 4 months ago and eventually gave up. I went back because it was the only fish in the game I hadn't caught (apart from the trophy blackfish at Alaska, but I give up on that one), and I had exactly the same problem. 12 days and no uniques. And it was on 2 different PCs, so it really makes no sense at all. The only other time I've had a similar problem was when I had to catch a unique muskie with a shad for a mission. I tried for 14 days before I realised the game wouldn't let me do it without a boat. When I got a boat I caught it in about 15 minutes. That was incredibly annoying, and I don't agree with it, but at least I understand it. Killing uni spots for some people but not others - I don't understand that at all.
  22. That's the thing - I've seen the youtube clips as well and I copied everything they did. But I didn't get any uniques in 14 days - just a thousand trophies. I eventually caught it at upside down - near the warmouth spot! Somebody caught one while I was on the map and shared his mark with me. He caught it by mistake while fishing for warmouth. Took me less than 2 hours game time to catch it. No small ones or trophies first - just a load of bass and then suddenly a uni buffalo. Really odd. They must have killed the old spot. I caught my uni channel at the same place I caught the uni flathead. In the hole to the right at swampy open space.
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