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Found 6 results

  1. There is several people I fish with including me that just now got this bug where we have low line tension no matter what fish or how big it is and all the equipment is 100. Please find a fix. This didn't happen till I got lvl 19
  2. I recently leveled to 23 and purchased level 23 match rod and level 23 reel.. I kept getting double and triple red backwards arrows so I saw that my gear was too over powerful so I switched line reel from 12lb to 8lb still getting triple red arrows tried a 6lb same.. Tried 4lb double red arrows... Finally got a 2lb and worked great only thing now my line is not strong enough for heavy bait and says it will break? What is the point of buying new gear if you're just going to deduct XP for using a strong line for a upgraded rod and reel?
  3. The Garry Scott Fluoro 0.55mm x 500m spools in the shop and within your inventory have a typo in the test strength in kg the 1000m, 300m and 150m spools all say "Test: 15.8 kg" the 500m spool says "Test: 15.1 kg" http://steamcommunity.com/app/380600/discussions/5/1698294337767435440/ Platform: PC/Steam
  4. I am very new to fishing but its always something that i enjoy doing when time allows me to do so. However i was wondering if anyone could recommend a good setup or your fav setup for topwater fishing (rod/reel line & lures) & possibly share why its your go to setup? I live in the Galveston County area, i don't own a boat or have access to one. So i have to fish from the rocks. I have tried bottom fishing and i always end up losing money because my line gets stuck & i have to snap the line and re-setup. Being able to cast further out is also a necessity (im not sure if its all in the technique of the cast or a combination of technique and setup). My apologies for the long post but im just trying to learn as much as i can. Thank you in advance.
  5. Agora de tarde estava jogando e me deparei com 1 BUG, a linha ficou presa no céu! Alt+F4, abri novamente o jogo. Logo depois, BUG novamente. A linha ficou presa no chão. Alt+F4, abri novamente o jogo. Quando foi às 9h20 do horário do jogo, fisguei um peixe e fiquei por mais de 6 horas (6 horas e 33 minutos do jogo) brigando com um peixe que eu jurava ser outro BUG. Depois dessas quase 7 horas brigando com o peixe, a conexão caiu e não consegui mais voltar ao jogo. Essas coisas acabam desanimando de jogar o Fishing Planet.
  6. Hey guys (excuse my bad English) I have a bit of problem with the lures... I equip a spinning rod with one good reel (I think) I put 0.18m line (this one is in the rod case) and when I try to equip a lure it automatically removes the line and tells me line must be equipped first... Any help, I guess I am not doing something right. Thank you
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