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Found 2 results

  1. Wanted to give a quick tip on choosing colors for fishing in different types of weather. There is probably other tips similar to this but this is from my experiences in fishing planet and also in real life. When fishing on a bright sunny day try to use natural or dull colors as much as possible.browns, reds, blu, purples. When fishing cloudy days use bright colors like yellows,greens, or anything bright. Night lures also work in the day and work well in cloudy days. Rainy or snowy weather use bright colors as well. At night anything black is perfect or fluorescent night lures. Partly color seems to be the best weather to fish in and pretty much can use any color so experiment and find the color that seems to be nailing the fish. As for metal colors gold tends to work better in sunny situations and silver works better in cloudy or bad weather but I find that you can use both colors in all types of weather making them versatile. So when traveling to your favorite spots try to have multiple colors it will save you a lot of frustration in the long run. Oh and by the way the ammelite purple narrow spoon works in any weather any time of the day and on any fish that’s a predator. Hope this helps and prepares you for say when you go to the mighty Kaniq in Alaska and spend all that money on traveling there and only brought the blue 8 ft crank and caught only a couple of fish and a lot of Misfortune on misses you will be glad that you also brought the yellow 8 ft crank which landed you 3 unique and and 5 trophy’s chinook salmons in a very short time period.
  2. Hey, I did see another similar thread on this but it didn't really give me a good answer. So I've only been playing a couple of days and firstly, I'm finding it extremely difficult to set the hook using lures. I feel the bite and I press L2 to set the hook pretty much instantly and about 90% of the time there's no hook-up. Is this just the way the game works or am I doing something wrong? Secondly, what's with the poor rod sensitivity? There's almost no difference between 50 - 100. It's impossible to fish lift & drop with jigs because of this, or again, am I doing something wrong? Any help would be much appreciated, especially the trouble setting the hook, it's really affecting my enjoyment of the game. Thanks!
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