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Found 83 results

  1. Hello, dear angling community! We announce "Double XP Weekend" for this weekend - November 3-5! Do not miss the chance to get double XP points for all your activity. Prepare for the Double XP Weekend - your ultimate opportunity to go up a few Levels faster than ever! Have fun fishing and tight lines to all of you!
  2. Hey dear anglers, As you have noticed, kayaks are now available in the in-game store for PS4! We have added 4 kayaks to the in-game store for you to to choose from so you can fully enjoy the variety and thrill of kayak fishing: GoldenAlbatros™ Adventure Kayak. Fast and super comfortable, this golden child of boatbuilding is a bit demanding when it comes to controls and requires a skillful approach for better maneuverability. SilverGull™ Adventure Kayak. Sleek and fast, this silvery watercraft is both speedy and equally easy to control, making it a comfortable choice for the intermediate-skilled rowers who want to dominate on the water! Neptune™ Adventure Kayak is the perfect explorer kayak! Providing satisfactory comfort levels and controllability, this vessel offers a stable and swift performance under any conditions! Tritone™ Adventure Kayak - This kayak is easy to handle and offers good control, making it well suited for beginning boatmen eager to take their angling experience to deeper waters!
  3. Hey dear anglers, We are happy to announce the new Sport Topwater Night Pack are now available on PlayStation Store! This powerful pack contains ideally matched and balanced fishing goodies that will definitely come in handy for winning in topwater and night Competitions or mastering these intricate disciplines on a more advanced level! European Store American Store
  4. when you're cast out, either float or lure fishing the R1 button doesnt have any function.. why not use it as a "TURBO" like function for the right analog stick so we can strike with it faster with the L2 button. ( to imitate mouse striking capability ) i'm really envious of our pc players using their mouse to strike really fast anyway just a suggestion. happy holidays
  5. Hey guys! The month of January brings you a tournament that’ll make it feel like Christmas all over again! Just make sure to register in time and take part in the annual Winter Pike Tour - a competitive sportfishing event that’s all about landing some big fat Pike! Accept the challenge and set out to explore the specifics of Pike fishing in many amazing destinations, like the mesmerizingly remote and delightfully swampy Quanchkin Lake in the Pelican State of Louisiana, peaceful Mudwater River and breathtaking Lakes White Moose and Emerald as you heroically battle through the 3 Qualifiers, the Semifinal and move on to the Grand Finale on Michigan’s vast Lake Saint-Croix - all to prove yourself as the one and only Pike Fishing Champion, win valuable Prizes and most importantly have fun! Winter Pike Tour promises to be a thrilling competitive battle full of drive, fun and fishing excitement! It will be held on will be held January 16th through 21st, with the Registration starting on January 15th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier. The full Tournament’s timetable is as follows: 15th of January - Registration for the WPT Tournament begins. 16th of January - Qualifier 1 on Louisiana’s Quanchkin Lake. 17th of January - Qualifier 2 on Mudwater River in Missouri 18th of January - Qualifier 3 on the snowy White Moose Lake in Alberta, Canada. 20th of January - Semifinal Round on the mesmerizing Emerald Lake in New York. 21th of January - the Grand Finale on Lake Saint-Croix in Michigan. Only for the duration of the tournament you can get special tour pack Winter Pike Pack! Steam American PSN Store European PSN Store
  6. Hey there, angling friends! Believe it or not, but every now and then Santa Claus himself enjoys a day out fishing in the company of his magic elves. That’s why he particularly enjoys reading any mail coming from a fellow angler! So how about writing a letter to Santa and his elves to tell them about some of the fishing adventures you had this year? Let them know which places you’ve been, what tricks you’ve learned, and don’t forget to mention what kind of present you’d like to get in the Fishing Planet game for Christmas! We’ll make sure to pass the letter on to Santa and will see to it that the writers of the most creative, interesting and original stories get their rewards! Contest Rules: 1. Write an interesting story about your fishing experience, mentioning what kind of present you’d like to receive in the game and explain why. 2. Send us the letter to olga.k@fishingplanet.com 3. All letters must be written and sent before Dec 24th, of course;) Winners will be announced on Dec 25th and get some presents and perhaps, if they are persuasive enough, even the present they asked for in their letter to Santa;) The more interesting, funny, sincere or original your letter will be, the more chances of touching Santa’s heart and getting what you want! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  7. since the Christmas update or something like that i got many many bugs on my ps4.... if i cast in front of me sometime it bounce behind me it happens very often ... today i was on a kayak and i catch a salmon but the screen went black a couple time , my lines was always like the was kinda underneath the kayak and the kayak was moving left to right non-stop. ... those bug happen each time I play since 2 weeks... and i cant use my crankbait its shaking and pulling like I'm stuck in weed without being in goes side way....
  8. No matter how grown up we get, Christmas time never fails to excite with the tingling anticipation of something magical in the air...just around the corner! And this time the feeling is right, with plenty of holiday magic, fairytale fish, fireworks and festive excitement waiting for you! This holiday season, join our fairytale fishing adventure with fantastic Antlered Salmon and Furry Trout that were spotted in snowy Canada! Have fun catching these magical Christmas event fish while the fireworks are blasting and complete the Myth Buster and Deer Hunter challenges to get unique holiday rewards. You can also try to complete the new Fishy Racing challenge and get a unique Elven Kayak as a prize! Then of course, do not forget about Christmas Giant’s Tour - the final fishing Tournament of 2017. Christmas Special Packs For a full joy of this special event we compiled the limited Christmas Magic Pack with unique collectible holiday-themed rods and reels! Steam American PSN Store European PSN Store* *will be available at midnight December 21st Also you can get a Santa’s Kayak Pack which is every angler's perfect Christmas present! The best goodie in this giftbox is a collectible Christmas kayak, decorated to look like a real Santa's Sleigh! Steam American PSN Store European PSN Store* *will be available at midnight December 21st And don’t forget to collect your Christmas presents, hidden around all waterways! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Fishing Planet!
  9. Hooray, anglers! We’re thrilled to tell you about our most recent and much awaited update with amazing new features, including KAYAKS, TOPWATER and NIGHTFISHING, as well as new line and lure physics! We have also added THREE new fish species and 8 new Topwater and Nightfishing Competitions! (New Packs with Kayaks and Topwater and Nightfishing tackle will be available after 10am PST in American PSN Store and after 12am UTC in European PSN Store.) Main highlights Boat Fishing You can rent a kayak right now and head boat fishing on either of these 5 waterways: Emerald Falcon White Moose Lake Lake Saint Croix San Joaquin Delta Boat pins have been added on local maps, so you know where kayaks are on the waterways. Another cool thing that awaits you is lots of new water access points on Emerald Lake, White Moose Lakes, Saint Croix and San Joaquin! This means a fresh look at your favorite waterways and new places to explore and set off with your kayak from! THREE new fish species! Now you can catch: Sauger on Emerald Lake, Clear Muskie on Saint Croix, Lake Whitefish on White Moose Lake! Topwater : We created new topwater fishing lures: Walkers, Poppers and Frogs. Two new retrieves added: Popping and Walking. Substantial changes to line and lure physics. Night Fishing: Changes to fishing Licenses: Night Fishing is permitted only with Advanced Licenses. Changes made to the shift between fishing days: your catch in the fishkeeper is sold at 5 a.m. every next morning. This means you can keep fishing all night long! New fish activity charts for nighttime added. New tackle for fishing in the dark: rods with fluorescent tips, that let you see the fish bite even in total darkness! We also added holographic lures of different weights snd sizes: luminescent Cranks and glow in the dark soft lures: Craws, Worms and Shads. A wider selection of glow-in-the-dark floats: now slim and pear-shaped floats added. New unique fishing cap with flashlight that you can get for completing the new "Night Shift" challenge. 8 new Competitions to add more thrills and competitive drive to Topwater and Night Fishing: Moonlight Gars Dancing with Pike Cats 'n Nightcatchers Muskie Topping Sturgeon in the Dark Steelhead Showdown Midnight Salmon Galore Kaniq Topwater Rodeo All of these new cool competitive events are of course based on different fish species - from Gars to Sturgeon - that you have to catch either at nighttime or using exclusively topwater techniques and tackle! You can test your skills on the following waterways: San Joaquin Delta, Saint-Croix Lake, Kaniq Creek, Quanchkin Lake. The next update is new topwater and nightfishing lures were added to the X-SERIES™ professional tackle line - that you can only obtain as a well-earned reward for your in-game fishing achievements, like winning in the Competitions! Miscellaneous New animation for underwater lure indicator. New Ardix match rod and LineGlider spinning reel added. Level requirement changes made for Brutus rods as well as reels of Hornet Swarm and Espira DoublePunch series. Retrieves system has been reworked. Last selected rod now is saved. Pitching flag for each floating rod will be saved during pond session as well. Last selected in inventory rod will be automatically taken in game when you leave inventory Auto selecting first equipped rod when last used was disassembled
  10. Excitement is heating up and growing as one more Qualifying Round of Christmas Giant’s Tour is now over. It was the 2nd attempt for our daring heavyweight anglers to show their best monster catching performance by getting one of the twenty top results and going through to the tournament’s Semifinal Round! Below you’ll find a list of those who splendidly coped with this challenging task! These anglers will head straight on to the Semifinal - held on the peaceful banks of Kaniq Creek in Alaska on December 23th! In the meantime, everyone else can still have one final go at joining them and try their luck in the 3rd and final Qualifier on December 21st! 1 b-a-x-t-a 2 JohnyExelero 3 Bastifun 4 bubbaj3185 5 Ibkis948 6 solidluca 7 MrMikeTheKnife 8 Civi_bra_43 9 thebestjoao 10 sabiscs 11 elnalgas69 12 kalonjismoke 13 Tiziano57600 14 oviwonk_returns 15 Le_Commodore_ 16 Brixel88 17 Wsci3klyW1lku 18 yakut919 19 guizmo2286 20 ZdeHs
  11. Merry Christmas, dear anglers! Participating in the Christmas Giant’s Tour is like unwrapping a huge Christmas present...and with the 1st Qualifying Round over, one could say we untied the bow! Now on to the more serious part: we’re thrilled to announce the results of the tournament’s 1st Qualifier and the 1st out of 3 chances to get through to the Semifinal by making it to the Top-20 most skilled large-caliber anglers! Below you’ll find the list of those who’ll head to Alaska on December 23rd and compete among the 60 best anglers in the Semifinal on the peaceful banks of Kaniq Creek. If you don’t see your name - no worries! There’s still two more chances in the 2nd and 3rd Qualifiers - your present will simply take longer to unwrap 1 bennie19772 2 Badkov 3 KFKeishin 4 T-DoG_55- 5 Shrimpor 6 FFM--89 7 callobo1964 8 Fernando_Rochka 9 djboste 10 o0EnsEignE0o 11 NanoGlad 12 joeymindy 13 piotrek651 14 RotaComando1986 15 stcroixx09 16 HaPpYAsSaSsIn916 17 PACMAN-KILLER-01 18 Sipek1980 19 Full-Medal-Ch0ps 20 Rundigus
  12. as the title says..after the patch you can't input name in search
  13. Hey dear anglers! This time we’d like to tell you the most sizable Tournament of the year - the Christmas Giant’s Tour! This event isn’t about any particular kind of fish, the key rule here is: the bigger the better...and not just big...but GIGANTIC! Yep, we’re talking super-huge Trophy-sized monsters: Trout, Pike, Salmon, Burbot, Catfish, Muskies, Bass, Gar, Snook, Dolly Varden...the list can go on and on! It’s not the name, it's the size that matters. Yep, this is the big league, boys and girls and we’re doing some heavyweight fishing! Tight lines! Christmas Giant’s Tour will be held December 19th through December 24th, with the Registration starting on December 18th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier. The CGT Tournament’s timetable is as follows: 18th of December - Registration for the Tournament begins. 19th of December - Qualifier 1 on on the snowy White Moose Lake way out in Canada. 20th of December - Qualifier 2 on on Michigan’s Saint-Croix Lake. 21st of December - Qualifier 3 on Florida’s Everglades. 23rd of December - Semifinal Round on the mesmerizingly beautiful Kaniq Creek in Alaska. 24th of December - the Grand Finale on California’s San Joaquin Delta. And for all the big league boys and girls out there who are up to enjoying this supersized challenge, Santa’s got another present: the new Christmas Giant’s Pack! This exclusive Pack features a full selection of CGT Tournament-edition tackle with enormous potential to match the size of the occasion! European Store American Store Christmas Event on PS4 will start tomorrow December 19. More details coming soon - follow the announcements. Also the following updates have been implemented: kayaks can be rented and used for travel in some competitions on the following waterways: Emerald Lake, White Moose Lake, San Joaquin Delta and partially Saint-Croix Lake. Please pay attention that same as before only fish caught from the shore scores in the competitions. Kayak competitions are in the development. new Kayak challenges new Night Fishing challenge Bug fix: line shaking when lying on steep slopes rod clicks during draw-in animation occasional line clicks when reeling in on high speed improved anchored kayak stability line physics improvements
  14. Ура, рыболовы! Мы рады сообщить вам о нашем последнем и долгожданном обновлении с новыми функциями, в том числе Каяки, Поверхностная и Ночная рыбалка, а также обновленная физика приманок и лески! Мы также добавили три новых вида рыб и 8 новых соревнований для Поверхностной и Ночной рыбалки! (Новые пакеты с Каяками, Topwater и Nightfishing снастями будут доступны после 10 утра PST в американском магазине PSN и после 12 утра UTC в европейском магазине PSN) Основные изменения Рыбалка с лодок Вы можете арендовать каяк прямо сейчас на любом из этих 5 водоемов: Эмеральд Фэлкон Вайт Мус Сент Круа Дельта Сан Хоакин Лодочные стоянки отмечены на карте, чтобы вы знали где можно найти каяк. Еще одна интересная вещь, которая вас ждет - это множество новых точек доступа к воде на озере Эмеральд, озере Вайт Мус, озере Сент-Круа и дельте Сан-Хоакин! Это освежит ваш взгляд на ваши любимые водоемы и добавит новые места для изучения на каяках! ТРИ новых вида рыб! Теперь вы можете поймать: Канадского Судака на озере Эмеральд, Голого Маскинонга на озере Сент-Круа, Сельдевидного Сига на озере Вайт Мус! Поверхностные приманки: Мы создали новые рыболовные приманки: уолкеры, попперы и лягушки. Два новых вида проводки: Поппинг и Уолкинг. Существенные изменения в физике приманок и лески. Ночная рыбалка: Изменилась работа лицензий - для вылова ночью необходимо приобрести Расширенную лицензию. Переработана система смены игрового дня: продажа рыбы из садка и окончание суток будет осуществяться в 5 утра следующего дня, что позволит вам ловить всю ночь напролет! Добавлены новые графики для ночной рыбалки. Удочки с флюоресцентными кончиками - теперь в полной темноте можно следить за атакой рыбы на приманку! Мы также добавили голографические приманки разных весов и размеров: люминесцентные воблеры и светящиеся в темноте силиконове приманки: Рачки, Черви и Виброхвосты. Расширен ассортимент светящихся поплавков: добавлены тонкие и грушевидные поплавки. Добавлена уникальная кепка с фонариком. Выдается в награду за выполнении нового испытания "Ночная Смена". 8 новых соревнований Moonlight Gars по ночной и поверхностной рыбалке, чтоб внести элемент соревновательного азарта в эти и без того интересные дисциплины: Лунный Гар Вальс Со Щукой Ночные Сомоловы Маски Сверху Белым По Черному Битва Стальных Голов Лосось Приходит в Полночь Верховодное Родео Конечно же, каждое Соревнование основано на ловле разных видов рыб - начиная от Панцирников и заканчивая Осетром - но главное условие участия всегда будет касаться либо ночного вылова либо использования исключительно поверхностной снасти! Попробуйте свои силы на следующих водоемах: Дельта Сан-Хоакин, Озеро Сент-Круа, Каник Крик, Озеро Кванчкин. . Мы также добавили новые приманки для поверхностного и ночного лова к серии профессиональных снастей X-SERIES™, которые можно получить лишь в качестве награды за заслуги и мастерство на рыболовном поприще - например, победу в новых соревнованиях! Прочее Новые анимации индикатора проводок. Добавлена новая матчевая удочка Ardix и новая спинниговая катушка - LineGlider. Изменились уровни доступа у удочек из серии "Brutus" и катушек "Hornet Swarm" и "EspiraDoublePunch" Переработана система привлекательности для разных проводок. Удочка, с которой игрок был последний раз на водоеме, теперь запоминается. В пределах водоема, пока игрок не отключится от игры, сохраняется тип удержания удочки (pitch/not pitch). Последнее выбранное удилище в инвентаре будет автоматически будет взято в руки в игре после выхода из инвентаря. Автоматический выбор первого экипированного удилища если последний использовавшийся был разобран
  15. if i buy kayak and midnight pack do I'll have 2 months of premium account and 2 months of sainte-croix lake access and license too ???
  16. Привет, рыбаки! Похоже, что в этом году вас ожидает жутко захватывающая рыбалка в честь праздника Хэллоуин! Вы точно готовы? Тогда встречайте праздничный ивент GAR-O-WEEN! ПРИМИТЕ ВЫЗОВ, ЕСЛИ ХВАТИТ СМЕЛОСТИ Большие страшные Панцирники-Мутанты были замечены в водоемах штатов Северная Каролина, Флорида и Луизиана! Лишь самые отважные рыбаки осмелятся пойти на ночную рыбалку с целью одолеть этих ужасных монстров (19:00 - 5:00) с помощью отвратительных Хеллоуинских наживок и светящихся поплавков! Поймайте определенное кол-во каждого вида из Панцирных Монстров и выполняйте новые Испытания! За выполнение всех стадий каждого испытания вы получите эксклюзивный игровой предмет, которым в итоге смогут похвастаться лишь самые изощренные укротители ночных монстров! Постарайтесь попасть в их число! Поспешите! Уникальный ивент GAR-O-WEEN будет доступен недолго - завораживающая атмосфера исчезнет в полночь 5го Ноября! НЕ ПРОПУСТИТЕ ЭКСКЛЮЗИВНЫЙ ДЛЦ Встречайте MONSTER NIGHT PACK - лимитированный ДЛЦ в стиле Хэллоуин с уникальными мощными снастями, такими, как телескопическое удилище Purple Bat™, костлявое матчевое удилище SkeleHand™ и новая призрачная катушка Ghost Reel™ с непревзойденным потенциалом для ловли истинных монстров! Сюда так же входят жуткие Хэллоуинские наживки, светящиеся поплавки для ночной рыбалки и вместительный кукан Iron Maiden™. Набор MONSTER NIGHT PACK - лучшее подспорье в ловле Панцирников-Мутантов на пути к невероятным ивентовым Испытаниям и призам! PlayStation4 Europe PlayStation4 America РЫБЫ-МУТАНТЫ ВОССТАЛИ ИЗ МЕРТВЫХ -Зеленый Людоед (РЕКА НЕЙЕРРИН) - Призрак Альбинос (ЭВЕРГЛЭЙДС) - Черный Вампир (ОЗЕРО КВАНЧКИН) ВАС ТАК ЖЕ ОЖИДАЮТ Новые праздничные удилища эксклюзивно в составе Monster Night Pack Жуткие Хеллоуинские наживки! Ищите их в Локальных Магазинах! Три Испытания в духе Хэллоуин! Эксклюзивные Хеллоуинские снасти и оборудование! Зловещие глаза мерцающие в ночи! Прибавьте громкости- атмосферные страшные звуки не дадут соскучиться! Соберите ваши силы и храбрость и отправляйтесь на рыбалку НОЧЬЮ! Соберите ваши силы и храбрость и отправляйтесь на рыбалку НОЧЬЮ! ИСПЫТАНИЯ НА GAR-O-WEEN Мы добавили три Хэллоуинских Испытания, базирующихся на вылове Хэллоуинских Монстр Гаров (по одному Испытанию на каждый вид Гара). Вы сможете получить жуткие призы за выполнение финальных стадий каждого Gar-O-Ween! Хватай вилы и факелы! Испытание на вылов Green Ogre Gars Награда - Жилетка Психопата Экзорцист! Испытание на вылов Призрака Альбиноса Награда -Ящик Пандоры Серебрянная Пуля! Испытание на вылов Green Ogre Gars Награда - Соломенная Шляпа Страаашненькие рыбацкие секреты: Имейте в виду, что даже супер-снасти не смогут вытянуть эту задачу в одиночку. Только ваши знания и опыт позволят расквитаться с гигантскими Монстр-Гарами! Немного подсказок: Хеллоуинская наживка - для Хеллоуинских монстров! Но не забывайте и про обычные вкусняшки, которые уважают Гары. Гары-мутанты это злющая и мускулистая рыба, поэтому обязательно используйте самые мощные снасти! Большие крючки - для больших Гаров. У этих парней огромные морды! В каждой локации встречаются местечки, где Гары прикормились, поищите их, если вы не боитесь! ...Жуткой Хеллоуинской Рыбалки!
  17. Hello. I cannot find any guide for the game for PS4. I find only for PC, and a wiki site who is not get update for years. So my question is, do the game for PC and the game for PS4 are the same, and the tutorial for PC apply for PS4?
  18. Hey, I did see another similar thread on this but it didn't really give me a good answer. So I've only been playing a couple of days and firstly, I'm finding it extremely difficult to set the hook using lures. I feel the bite and I press L2 to set the hook pretty much instantly and about 90% of the time there's no hook-up. Is this just the way the game works or am I doing something wrong? Secondly, what's with the poor rod sensitivity? There's almost no difference between 50 - 100. It's impossible to fish lift & drop with jigs because of this, or again, am I doing something wrong? Any help would be much appreciated, especially the trouble setting the hook, it's really affecting my enjoyment of the game. Thanks!
  19. Hey, angling community! Looks like this Halloween you're in for some terrifyingly exciting fishing! ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE IF YOU DARE Scary and huge monster-mutant gars have been once again spotted in North Carolina, Florida and Louisiana! If you have the courage, try catching them at night time (7 p.m. - 5 a.m.) using special freaky baits and glowing bobbers! Catch a certain number of each kind of Gar to earn a new and more complex 3rd level unique halloween-style challenge, especially if you didn’t get one last year! For passing all three stages of each Challenge you'll be awarded an exclusive new item which only the monster-gar-hunters will have in Fishing Planet! Make sure to be one of the few. Hurry! The time is ticking and this event will last for a limited time only, ending on the spooky Midnight of Nov 5th! MONSTER NIGHT PACK Available Get the best possible tackle for conquering Mutant Gars with our EXCLUSIVE Halloween edition fishing goodies like the freaky Purple Bat™ Telescopic Rod and the bony SkeleHand™ Match Rod, plus the new Ghost Reel™ with unmatched monster fighting potential. Combined with creepy Halloween baits, night fishing Glow Bobbers and the capacious Iron Maiden Stringer, this super scary tackle is sure to help you land the horrendous mutant Gars this Gar-O-Ween and earn freaky new Challenges to win creepy prizes! PlayStation4 Europe PlayStation4 America NEW MONSTER FISH: - Green Ogre Gar (NEHERRIN RIVER) - Albino Ghost Gar (EVERGLADES) - Black Vampire Gar (QUANCHKIN LAKE) FEATURES ADDED New exclusive rods added, available in the Monster Night Pack Only Freaky baits! Look for them in Local Shops! Three Halloween-style Challenges Exclusive Halloween-edition tackle and equipment! Sinister evil eyes glowing in the darkness will creep you out at night! Turn up the volume for scary night sounds! Gather all your courage and GO NIGHT FISHING! GAR-O-WEEN CHALLENGES DETAILS We’ve added three cumulative Halloween Challenges based on catching Halloween Monster Gars (one Challenge for each kind of Gar). You’ll love getting these awesome creepy prizes for getting to the final stage of each Gar-O-Ween Challenge! GRAB YOUR TORCH AND PITCHFORKS! CHALLENGE FOR CATCHING Green Ogre Gars REWARD - PSYCHO KILLER VEST GHOST SUMMONER CHALLENGE FOR CATCHING Albino Ghost Gars REWARD - PANDORA’S BOX SILVER BULLET CHALLENGE FOR CATCHING Black Vampire Gars REWARD - SCARECROW HAT SCARY FISHING TIPS Keep in mind that even superb tackle alone won’t get the job done. Only your skills and knowledge will land those huge Monster Gars! Here’s a few tips: Halloween Baits for Halloween Gars! But don’t forget about the classic Gar yummies. Mutant Gars are feisty and muscular fish, so make sure to use the most powerful tackle available! For big Gars use big Hooks. These fellows have huge snouts! There are many spots where Gars feed at each location, search them if you are not afraid! ...Scary Halloween Fishing!
  20. Morning all. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for catching these fellas? I've had a uni Muskie, three uni Pike and I've even caught one Tiger Muskie, but they were all in the Pike Alley corner. I've fished for the Tigers on three occasions, all in the Sandy Cay location highlighted by all of the know YouTubers and have used the ubersheet for times, but I'm yet to even have a bite! Has something changed I'm not aware of?
  21. Does anyone know for how long the “Sports” packages will be on the psn store? I figure the Halloween DLC will come down just after the event is over. But the Sports Ultimate pack looks like a good way to round out the Rod & Reel collection. Some of us poor fools who get paid twice a month, miss out on some of the weekly deals.
  22. Kloaf

    Bug maybe?

    On inventory, I don't have access to "home storage". It shows the option in tutorials but doesn't appear to me. I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen or that my game is bugged, any help? I have left an image included.
  23. Game has some serious glitches on PS4!!! Played till level 6 and was excited to finally be able to buy the casting rod and reel... but it wouldn't let me add the reel. The reel is greyed out, it says unavailable from my inventory. I also couldn't change my rod back to the previous one. I think I have 5 rods total and THEY'RE GONE! I can't even find them in my inventory. So I closed the game and back on, went to the shop and my inventory... now EVERYTHING is gone except level 1 equipment!?!?!? So now I'm stuck with a casting rod and can't add sh*t to it, or swap it for another rod, so now it's just stuck on a rod with no gear. The other issue I encountered first was that if I removed the reel, it would remove everything except the rod (which is fine). However, when I'd add the reel, then select the hook, it would say I need to add a reel, but it automatically removed the reel I had just added!!!! What the hell, right??? So I discovered that when you removed the reel and it removed the hook, bait etc, you need to go and add each item and then immediately remove it, then add it again, then the game would finally accept it. So as it stands, it's virtually unplayable!!!! Once these glitches are resolved, I'll come back to the game. I was looking forward to fishing in Oregon (my native state), I used to fish there religiously before I moved to the desert (Scottsdale AZ). Thanks!
  24. Is there an ETA on when these features are coming to the game? I'm not asking for exact day, exact hour but just an estimated time.
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