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  1. hi, I have a problem with the chat. The club chat often only shows the messages after the game has restarted. New messages will not be displayed either. you only see when a member comes online or goes offline. To see the new massages you have to restart the game. Game Version PC / Steam Best regards
  2. Just an informational update for anyone playing Fishing Planet under Linux. Several people have posted information about running into a bug under Linux/SteamOS and apparently PS4 where buoys are only displayed sometimes. What I found at several lakes was that when someone with a boat passed by one of the buoys I couldn't see, it would suddenly be visible. Additionally I found that when I hoped in a boat I was able to navigate to a spot very close to a buoy and still not see it unless I was viewing it with the right angle. There is a very definite line that appears on the screen (at Emerald lake for example) between the screen and the screen when a buoy comes into view. Here's an example from San Joaquin when a guy went hot-dogging by on his motorboat. In the first photo the buoy is visible as the boat passes by it. As the boat goes just a bit further the buoy (which is right in front of me) disappears. How close you are to a buoy doesn't seem to matter as to whether it will show or not, it seems to be some light-reflection issue. I reported this in an email, but didn't include attachments. Unfortunate news for Linux users, it doesn't appear that this will get fixed soon. Here's a response I got from a Senior Customer Support Specialist: It is understandable it might take awhile, but given that this problem also seems to happen with the PS4 version according to this post, I'm hoping this bit of information about boats helps expose what the problem might be.
  3. Hello anglers! Congratulations on the start of our in-game Halloween event! In order for our players to dive into the festive atmosphere and get credits, experience points and holiday baits, we are starting our new drop campaign, Halloween Horrors Drops! Earn holiday bait boxes to complete Halloween missions just by watching your favorite streamers! Remember that in order to receive holiday boxes for watching streams, your Steam account must be linked to your Twitch account. Learn how to link your accounts here: Just watch the streams and get holiday prizes! Boxes are awarded only once during the campaign for the total viewing time across all streams. Each stream, for which you can receive prizes, will be marked with a special icon: And, of course, the most interesting thing is the contents of the boxes. Creepy Box: 666 experience points and 666 credits, 10 Pumpkin Candy baits, 5 Sour Bread baits. 30 minutes of streams watched. Horror Box: 666 experience points and 666 credits, 10 Pumpkin Candy baits, 5 Dried Locusts baits. 60 minutes of streams watched. Monster Box: 666 experience points and 666 credits, 10 Pumpkin Candy baits, 5 Moldy Cheese baits. 90 minutes of streams watched. Start of Campaign: October 20, 2021, 1:00 pm UTC Finish of Campaign: October 22, 2021, 11:30 pm UTC Play Fishing Planet, watch your favorite streamers, receive festive gifts and use them to complete event missions! Happy Halloween!
  4. On the steam platform, there is an achievement that is simply unobtainable. I wish for it to become either obtainable or removed as I am a completionist.
  5. I wrote this in a reply, but i think is better in a new topic. I would propose the option, for spinning and casting, to lock the camera and move the rod freely. For example, with “L1” (PS4) you can zoom the camera to see the tip, now, for spinning and casting is not useful, Dev could change the tip zoom, with the camera lock.
  6. Hello, For PS4, one thing I also want to suggest to the dev team for the coming update is to add spinning motions option to the controller. I notice after casting the rod, the (triangle) button is not in use. I’m wonder if it is possible to enable it to allow the left/right stick to clockwise/counterclockwise the reel for the spinning motions for all types of rods. Currently, the left stick functions as walk around and the right stick functions as look around after the players cast the rod. It probably different in other controllers.
  7. Anglers Giveaway, 3x Spooky Fishing Pack. What you need to do - leave a COMMENT something interesting about Halloween fishing Attention! You can leave only Comments on YouTube to bellow Fishing Planet - Halloween Event 2018 video! I will choose the three most interesting Comments THIS CONTEST IS OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTS AND ALL PLATFORM (STEAM&Ps4)
  8. Gars&Glory Cup will be held October 25th through October 29th 24th of October - Registration for the Tournament begins. 25th of October - Qualifier 1 on Everglades FLORIDA 26th of October - Qualifier 2 on Neherrin River NORTH CAROLINA 28th of October - Semifinal Round on Lake Quanchkin LOUISIANA 29st of October - Grand Finale on Quanchkin Lake
  9. Mighty Carp Tour, I can't wait:) Are you ready for some Carp fishing?! These all-time EU favorite fish, but they sure are quite a challenge to catch being the hardest freshwater fish to fool into biting! Registration: 11/09/2018 Entry Fee $20,000 Qualifier#1: 12/09/2018 Neherrin Rier, North Caroline Qualifier#2: 13/09/2018 Quanchkin lake, Luisiana Semifinal 15/09/2018 & Final 16/09/2018 in San Joaquin Delta, California Stay tuned I will share few spots, tips, and tricks:)
  10. Hey dear anglers! In the current patch we have added new Christmas Giant's Tournament as well as an updated Christmas event, both of which will start on December 18th. More details are coming soon in the announcements. Also the following updates have been implemented: kayaks can be rented and used for travel in some competitions on the following waterways: Emerald Lake, White Moose Lake, San Joaquin Delta and partially Saint-Croix Lake. Please pay attention that same as before only fish caught from the shore scores in the competitions. Kayak competitions are in the development. new Kayak challenges new Night Fishing challenge Bug fix: line shaking when lying on steep slopes rod clicks during draw-in animation occasional line clicks when reeling in on high speed improved anchored kayak stability line physics improvements
  11. After the 1.3.1 update, the game it's stuck at loading screen. it keeps loading forever.
  12. It’s a little late to talk about E3 2018 as it’s already happened in May. I also think the FP dev team weren’t fully prepared this year as they are releasing a global fishing update according to their developer daily. Yet, the actual release date isn’t fully confirmed. Hopefully around Thanksgiving. Let’s talk about E3 2019 or some similar global tournaments. Hopefully something will start happening in 2019? One big topic is if they are heading toward this direction which I’m supporting in general, they need to figure out which is the presentation platform. What I mean is if they are releasing Xbox version. That will put PS4 players in pressure and their crowds won’t happy about their decision. FP will probably lose those players. If lucky those players might switch platform to supporting FP for the live stage tournament. Yet, it creates another problem which is their player account. Lots of video games/esports games/simulator games including FP require player experience in order to upgrade their gears, in game cash, and XP, etc. It won’t be easy for those players who are following their decision to change platform even those they are the top players. If FP follows the crowds, which will put the other platform’s players in bad mood. It depends on how many platforms they will release in the future. If they are only joining E3 or if they are joining a multiply Esports tournaments or invitations for different platforms, or even though have their own live stage tournaments in the future, they will need to make a decision earlier and announce the news earlier for their FP supporters to have enough time to prepare before those big globally Esports tournament happens. On the other hand E3 is pretty much a PS4 dominated global event. All the AAA games are having their supporters there. In order to get into E3 isn’t easy as well. I believe if they have enough crowds which they just need to have some adjustments and will be able to join E3. This shouldn’t be a problem for the FP Dev team. Of course, they possibly need to communicate with Sony as well and see if they will fully support them in the Esports category. As Esports is a very new trends nowadays, people also need sometimes to adjusting this new trendy. It doesn’t matter if it is esports or sports, they need to have enough supporters to make things happen. For me, Fishing Planet is very unique which combines technology, simulate of a real sports in a nice and clean created global environment. Plus, their add-ons and special in-game events and competitions create a upper level of video gaming experience for players to enjoy and explore. It will be difficult and very expensive for people to travel to all these different countries to explore and fish in real life. Only FP can create this experience for players. Also, they always make improvements and listening to their supporters and give enough feedbacks and supports. I hope FP will last for a long time. It definitely wins my heart whatever which direction(s) they are heading. I will think let them focus on what they have in hand first. I believe they have something in mind and working toward that direction. I as a supporter will always enjoy and continue to give suggestions to FP and make it the greatest and the best fishing game.
  13. I want resign from PC (steam) Qualifier #3 and if possible please give chance to player who finished 21th. Nickname: SabiScsYouTube
  14. This April hone your fishing skills and get your bragging rights certified by taking part in our Largemouth Bass April Cup! Register in this thrilling Tournament and prove yourself to be the very best at catching the most popular and sought after game fish in North America! Yep, these aggressive monsters are definitely among the biggest in the sport and getting an official title of Largemouth Bass Fishing Champion is glorious indeed, my friend! Largemouth Bass April Cup promises to be a magnificent fishing battle encompassing 2 thrilling Qualifiers that’ll enable 60 best anglers to further compete in the Tournament’s Semifinal Round and get entitled among the 20 best to honorably fight in the triumphant Grand Finale for the Largemouth Bass Championship title! Largemouth Bass April Cup will be held April 11th through April 15th, with the Registration starting on April 10th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier. The Tournament’s timetable is as follows: 11th of April - Qualifier 1 on Mudwater River in Missouri. 12th of April - Qualifier 2 on Neherrin River in the fine state of North Carolina. 14th of April - Semifinal Round on the swampy Quanchkin Lake in Louisiana. 15th of April - Grand Finale on Florida’s Everglades. Only for the duration of the tournament you can get special tour pack Largemouth Bass April Pack! Steam American PSN Store European PSN Store
  15. Hey anglers, current server patch includes several updates for the initial waterways: - Mudwater travel cost decreased by 30% - Channel Catfish biting improvement on Mudwater - Channel Catfish profitability increased by 30%
  16. Hey guys! Spring Cats Tour welcomes you at this spring’s first and most exciting competitive sportfishing event! Catch all kinds and forms of Catfish and Bullhead as you travel to the most mesmerizing fishing destinations of North America: from Missouri’s Mudwater River, to the banks of Neherrin in North Carolina, then the open space of Michigan’s Saint-Croix Lake as well as the swampy wetlands of Quanchkin Lake in the pelican state of Louisiana. Fight your way through the Qualifiers and the Semifinal Round to make it to the Grand Finale and win the title of Catfishing Champion! Fame, Glory and a prize pool that includes plenty of Credits, BaitCoins and unique fishing tackle and equipment! Spring Cats Tour will be held March 13th through March 18th, with the Registration starting on March 12th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier. The Tournament’s timetable is as follows: 13th of March - Qualifier 1 on Mudwater River in Missouri. 14th of March - Qualifier 2 on Neherrin River in the fine state of North Carolina. 15th of March - Qualifier 3 on Michigan, Saint-Croix Lake. 17th of March - Semifinal Round on the swampy Quanchkin Lake in Louisiana. 18th of March - the Grand Finale on Quanchkin Lake in Louisiana. Make sure to grab every catfish angler’s must have - the Spring Cats Pack, with all the tackle and exclusive equipmentyou need to enhance your catfishing skills for the ultimate win! Steam American PSN Store European PSN Store
  17. Lembrando que não faço parte da Equipe de Moderação, apenas traduzi o post original: Olá para todos os nossos amados pescadores! O Dia dos Namorados está chegando, e para fazer esse feriado menos meloso com bobagens românticas, e mais sobre o que você realmente ama, estamos hospedando o torneio de pesca anual Crappie Valentine Cup! Este evento de pesca esportiva destina-se a levar todos no clima deste feriado de 14 de fevereiro! Não hesite em se inscrever e competir em um ambiente divertido e desafiador contra o melhor, ao testar suas habilidades na captura de Crappie preto e branco em uma corrida de tirar o folego, levando você através de cinco estados diferentes, dos bancos pitorescos do rio mudwater de Missouri, para o lago da Quanchkin, na margem da Louisiana! Fama, Glory e um prize pool que inclui muitos Créditos, BaitCoins, equipamentos de pesca únicos e, o mais importante - o título de Crappie Valentine Champion aguarda! A Crappie Valentine Cup será realizada de 13 de fevereiro a 18 de fevereiro, com o registro a partir de 12 de fevereiro, 24 horas antes do primeiro qualificador. O calendário do Torneio é o seguinte: 13 de fevereiro - Classificatórias 1 no Mudwater River no Missouri. 14 de fevereiro - Classificatórias 2 no belo Lake Rocky no estado do Colorado. 15 de fevereiro - Classificatórias 3 no Delta San Joaquim da Califórnia. 17 de fevereiro - Rodada de semifinais no lago de Quanchkin, na Marinha, na Louisiana. 18 de fevereiro - o Grand Finale no rio Neherrin no estado fino da Carolina do Norte. Somente com duração ate o fim do torneio, você pode obter um pacote turístico especial Crappie Valentine Pack! Steam American PSN Store European PSN Store
  18. Lembrando que não faço parte da Equipe de Moderação, apenas traduzi o post original: Ei pessoal! O mês de janeiro traz você um torneio que vai fazer com que se sinta no Natal de novo! Apenas certifique-se de se inscrever a tempo e participar do Winter Pike Tour anual - um evento competitivo de pesca desportiva que é tudo sobre a aterragem de um grande e gordo Pike. Aceite o desafio e explore as especificidades da pesca de Pike em muitos destinos surpreendentes, como o Lago Quanchkin, hipnotizantemente remodelado e deliciosamente pantanoso, no Pelican State of Louisiana, o pacífico rio Mudwater e os lindos Lagos White Moose e Emerald enquanto luta heroicamente através de 3 Classificatórias, a semifinal e avançar para a Grande Finale no vasto Lago Saint-Croix de Michigan - tudo para provar a si mesmo como o único Campeão Pike Fishing, ganhe prêmios valiosos e, mais importante, divirta-se! Winter Pike Tour promete ser uma batalha competitiva emocionante cheia de emoção, diversão e entusiasmo de pesca! O evento será realizado de 16 a 21 de janeiro, com o Registro a partir de 15 de janeiro, 24 horas antes da Primeira Classificatórias. O calendário do Torneio completo é o seguinte: 15 de janeiro - Começa o registro para o Torneio WPT. 16 de janeiro - Classificatórias 1 no Lago Quanchkin da Louisiana. 17 de janeiro - Classificatórias 2 no rio mudwater no Missouri 18 de janeiro - Classificatórias 3 no Snowy White Moose Lake em Alberta, Canadá. 20 de janeiro - Ronda da semifinal no fascinante Lago Emerald em Nova York. 21 de janeiro - o Grand Finale no Lago Saint-Croix em Michigan. Somente durante o torneio, você pode obter um pacote turístico especial Winter Pike Pack! Steam America PSN Europa PSN
  19. Lembrando que não faço parte da Equipe de Moderação, apenas traduzi o post original: Ei, pescadores! o patch do servidor atual inclui várias atualizações para as localidades iniciais: - O custo das viagens ao Mudwater diminuiu 30%. - Paraiso dos Bagres: Melhoria de mordidas Mudwater. - Paraiso dos Bagres: A lucratividade dos bagres aumentou em 30%.
  20. Lembrando que não faço parte da Equipe de Moderação, apenas traduzi o post original: Não importa o quão crescido você seja, o tempo de Natal nunca deixa de provocar a antecipação de algo mágico no ar ... em cada canto! E desta vez o sentimento é certo, com um feriado muito magico, peixes de fadas, fogos de artifício e emoção festiva esperando por você! Nesta temporada, junte-se à nossa aventura de conto de fadas com o fantástico Salmão Rubro e a Truta Peluda que foram vistos no nevado Canadá! Divirta-se pegando esses peixes mágicos nos eventos de Natal enquanto os fogos de artifício estão explodindo e completa os desafios Caçador de Mitos e Caçador de Renas para obter recompensas únicas do feriado. Você também pode tentar completar o novo desafio Fishy Racing e obter um Caiaque único de Duendes como prêmio! Então, claro, não se esqueça do Tour do Gigante de Natal - o ultimo Torneio de pesca do ano de 2017. Pacotes especiais de Natal Para uma alegria completa deste evento especial, criamos o limitado pacote mágico de Natal, com equipamentos e varas exclusivos com o tema de Natal! Steam PlayStation4 Europa PlayStation4 America * estará disponível à meia-noite de 21 de dezembro. Além disso, você pode obter um Pacote de Caiaque do Papai Noel, que é o presente de Natal de todos os pescadores! O melhor presente nesta caixa de presente é um caiaque de Natal colecionavel, decorado para se parecer com um verdadeiro trenó do Papai Noel! Steam PlayStation4 Europa PlayStation4 America * estará disponível à meia-noite de 21 de dezembro E não esqueça de colecionar seus presentes de Natal, escondidos em todas os locais de pesca! Fishing Planet deseja a todos um Feliz Natal e um Feliz Ano Novo!
  21. Lembrando que não faço parte da Equipe de Moderação, apenas traduzi o post original: Ei, queridos pescadores! No patch atual, adicionamos o novo Torneio Gigante de Natal, bem como um evento de Natal atualizado, ambos iniciados em 18 de dezembro. Mais detalhes estão em breve nos anúncios. Também foram implementadas as seguintes atualizações: Os caiaques podem ser alugados e utilizados para viagens em algumas competições nas seguintes locais: Lago Emerald, Lago White Moose, Delta de San Joaquin e parcialmente no lago Saint-Croix. Por favor, fique atento que, apenas os peixes capturados nas contagens da costa nas competições. As competições de caiaque estão no desenvolvimento. Novos desafios de caiaque Novo desafio de pesca noturna Correção de erros: Linha tremendo quando deitada em encostas íngremes. Clique na barra durante a animação. Cliques de linha ocasionais quando enrolam com alta velocidade. Estabilidade de caiaque ancorada melhorada. Melhorias de física de linha.
  22. Lembrando que não faço parte da Equipe de Moderação, apenas traduzi o post original: Fique ligado em nossa SUPER-PROMOÇÃO de Black-Friday! Apenas 2 dias com 60% de desconto: 360 DIAS DE CONTA PREMIUM 180 DIAS DE CONTA PREMIUM 2.330 BAITCOINS 1.090 BAITCOINS (Aproveite esta oferta especial apenas de 24 a 25 de novembro de 2017!) Também não perca o caloroso pacote de Outono com 60% de desconto!
  23. Lembrando que não faço parte da Equipe de Moderação, apenas traduzi o post original: Ei pescadores! A menos que vocês estejam vivendo em algum lugar onde o verão nunca acaba, vocês provavelmente já estão sentindo esse friozinho de outono... Então decidimos aquecer seus espíritos com algo ainda melhor do que o chá de gengibre ou chocolate quente: o caloroso SALDÃO DE OUTONO! Não perca a oportunidade exclusiva de obter quatro grandes pacotes de eventos todos com seus colecionáveis de itens com temas exclusivos - todos juntos em um DESCONTÃO DE 60%! Veja aqui: Autumn Sale Bundle Com o Autumn Sale Bundle você obtém: Boa sorte e vibrações do pacote de St. Patrick O orgulho patriota do Happy 4-th of July Pack! Os calafrios e as emoções do Halloween de Spooky Fishing Pack A exuberância e esplendor de ação de graças do pacote Cornucopia Então, apresse-se e pegue esse fantástico pacote de abundância de equipamentos versáteis, que é poderoso por construção e diversão por design a um preço ridiculamente baixo - por um tempo limitado! Pesca divertidas de outono e boas fisgadas!
  24. Lembrando que não faço parte da Equipe de Moderação, apenas traduzi o post original: Olá, querida comunidade de Fisgadores! Anunciamos o "Fim de semana da XP-Dupla" para este fim de semana - 3 a 5 de novembro de 2017! Não perca a chance de obter pontos de XP em dobro. Prepare-se para o fim de semana do Double XP - sua melhor oportunidade de subir de alguns níveis mais rápido do que nunca! Divirta-se pescando e esticando as linhas, para todos vocês!
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