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Found 32 results

  1. Hey guys, Nothing major but I thought I would mention it just incase any one else has had this slight issue or if it's just me. Sometimes the drag sound still goes off even when the fish has been caught! And even sometimes when my rod is in my hand and it's not even in the water. Just thought I would mention it and maybe there will be a fix someday as its happened quite a few times now. Kind regards.
  2. I was fishing in Saint Coix , and everytime i placed my rods on my rod stand, whenever i picked them up, my whole rod (incuding reel) would do a 360 turn around in my hand. It didnt effect anny fish on my hook at the time, and had no game breaking impact, it just looked and acted weird. Dont have anny video, since i dont have anny recording software for it. Realy dont know how to descibe it better then this. I will try to do a restart of the game, to see if it fixes the bug. Should that work i will edit this post to let you know. Edit: Restart did fix the bug, still not sure what caused it though.
  3. So I got the game today. I’m trying to fish but my rod is just gone. Disappeared not to be found anywhere. I restarted my ps4 I’ve even reinstalled the game and it’s still gone. Someone please help
  4. Standing at the waterway, I am unable to use L1 to cycle through rods or lures. The buttons work in the menus and R1 even zooms after a cast. Can't equip a rodstand. Anyone have this and found a fix?
  5. Hi, After 2 - 3 days in Michigan the game lags every 10 seconds. I used a rodpod with 3 rods and traveled with a boat to the Island. I played solo on PS4 normal and I am very sure it isnt the Internet. Fps drops are a big problem while u throw. Pls fix the game stability and dont forget to fix this bug in the next Patch. Thanks Edit: Day 4 the rod with bobber has maybe 10 fps all the time and feeder and bottom lag only every 10 seconds. I think the lags increase every day.
  6. tarantick


    Hi everybody, Congratulations for the game, guys. I'm having lots of fun with it Since I've been playing the game (2 months) I never had the possibility to look at the missions, because when I open the missions menu it's blank. I already reported the problem to support@fishingplanet.com and they told me to wait for the new update of the game. Unfortunately nothing changed. Can anybody help me in anyways? Thank you and and chapeau to the community
  7. Depois da att meu jogo da dando um drop de frames absurdo, pra piorar o meu jogo não aparece a vara quando coloco iscas artificiais de halloween, as iscas voarem do nada e ficar bugado em algumas partes do mapa ,foram os bugs que aconteceram comigo por favor consertem isso.
  8. Torgrimmer Steam 10/21/2018 at between 5-6am est. US time. Brought two spoon lures in shop and when i went into inventory to equip them they where grayed out and when i went to put them into the hook slot it told me i could not equip it. Please help. I dont know if I did something wrong either i dont know how to equip the lures properly or if this is a bug, I just got the game and started playing yesterday, I am new. Any help weather this is a bug or me being a noob would be helpful. Thank you. JOsh
  9. The Garry Scott Fluoro 0.55mm x 500m spools in the shop and within your inventory have a typo in the test strength in kg the 1000m, 300m and 150m spools all say "Test: 15.8 kg" the 500m spool says "Test: 15.1 kg" http://steamcommunity.com/app/380600/discussions/5/1698294337767435440/ Platform: PC/Steam
  10. After the 1.3.1 update, the game it's stuck at loading screen. it keeps loading forever.
  11. Bonjour Je ne comprend pas depuis de 27/06/2018 j'ai fait une truite a tête d'acier de 10kg52 mais malheureusement je ne la vois pas le classement . J'aimerais que ce bug sois corrigé et que mon poisson apparaisse . Je crois que l'on joue pour être dans le classement . Sinon je ne vois plus trot l’intérêt de jouer . J'attend une réponse rapidement Cordialement
  12. so in quanchkin lake an alberta very time u get a snag your gear goes flying and you have to restart game to get your line back, reported this last update ,do you ever test your updates before applying them or is it to much trouble and right before st pats day thing an big tourny who made this decision should be shoot
  13. I figured before I take the time to type up a help ticket using the wonderful PS4 hunt & peck typing interface, I would check here to see if anyone else is having this bug and has reported it. Today in Michigan I had rowed all the way to Pike alley and was checking out the new waterway map (triangle key while in the kayak apparently, which used to be the anchor key). So exited out to fish and then see "you have no assembled rods". Uh, yes I do, three of them in fact. I went into inventory to check, switched out some bait on one and a lure on the other to see if that would fix it, still got the same message after exiting. Went to the map and switched pegs (thus the kayak resets) and still the same problem. Exited the game and came back. Rowed over to the tiger muskie reeds to fish, accidentally hit the triange out of habit, and got the same message. Completely unclearable except for exiting the game and coming back...normally not a problem except kayaking around Michigan takes a little time ya know. Oh well I'm done with Michigan anyways, need to see if they gave me more room than 5 spaces at my house, or is all my extra stuff out on the front lawn being held hostage for baitcoins.
  14. Good morning ;-) I was wondering if White Moose Lake in Alberta has been fixed. I really like the lake, but when the glitch happens, it is a real pain to force the game to shut down, and re-start. Any info would be great ;-) Thanks CC
  15. Hello, I'm doing this little message because since the last update there is a bug on the FishingPlanet cane lure leaves in the sky for no reason I am completely obliged to leave my game brutally
  16. HomeFrance

    Bug canne

    Bonjour je fais ce petit message car depuis la nouvelle maj la canne à pêche bug complètement si les développeur peuvent corrigé ce bug de merde merci
  17. I just came in 2nd place in the yellow preach Goldrush.. i didnt get my reward.. help would be nice please. my steam is name is mackenziepalmore.... Thanks
  18. Hello I bought a basic license for Mudwater River in Missouri. So in fact, I should be able to keep black bullhead catfish. However, when I catch a black bullhead, I have to release it and when I release it, I get fined $1000! I really think this is a bug as I'm sure that I have a license. I hope you can give me the fined money back because I was fishing by the rules. Kind regards
  19. I joined Chistmas Giants Tour competition. When i got 5 minutes to finish competition i got 227 kg fish in my keepnet. and i had 10 fishes in my keepnet. then i got a chinnok salmon about 27 kg . then i relased one fish (17 kg). i put new one to my keppnet but my score wasnt change. it was still 210.751 kg. and then i got a new fish about 28 kg but i didt click "Y" and "Keep". i finished 14. place. 1. competitor had 230,640 kg. so if there was no bug i was 1. place. so what will happen ? i worked about 1 week for this competition. please reply me about this. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/211999378 you can watch this stream you will see my result. Game Name TR-YavuzYILMAZ
  20. what a whale, ild upload the other 8 screen shoots of this happening but the fish are so big they dont fit in the picture
  21. Fala galera, tudo bem? Entrei em contato com o suporte do jogo, e me solicitaram para criar um tópico aqui no fórum e relatar os problemas de tradução. Vi que existem alguns tópicos sobre o assunto, mas alguns deles com outros assuntos na descrição. Vamos concentrar aqui as informações de erros de tradução, pois enviarei esse link como resposta ao e-mail que me solicitaram isso. Não gosto muito de usar "Oficial" em coisas que não foram literalmente oficializadas haha, mas partiu de uma solicitação deles. Segue abaixo trecho do e-mail: Agradeço à todos que puderem ajudar a corrigir os erros que encontramos nas traduções e por vezes nos atrapalham durante o jogo.
  22. seulement pour le delta san hawking je suis incapable de changer le point ou je veux pêcher de naviguer dans le menu de gauche météo poisson et meme quitter. Je peux pêcher seulement à partir du ponton ou du kayak et la seule façon de pouvoir quitter le delta est d'avancer le temps à la prochaine journée et faire retour à la maison ca fait deja 2 fois que je dépense l'argent pour le voyage et pour la license. C'est quoi le probleme???????
  23. reward goldgetter, this reward hasnt picked up on my wins or places
  24. i have been having this problem over and over again ,different maps an set ups and even having over 4 meters of slack in the line but still happens, half the time im not even touching the mouse.
  25. Agora de tarde estava jogando e me deparei com 1 BUG, a linha ficou presa no céu! Alt+F4, abri novamente o jogo. Logo depois, BUG novamente. A linha ficou presa no chão. Alt+F4, abri novamente o jogo. Quando foi às 9h20 do horário do jogo, fisguei um peixe e fiquei por mais de 6 horas (6 horas e 33 minutos do jogo) brigando com um peixe que eu jurava ser outro BUG. Depois dessas quase 7 horas brigando com o peixe, a conexão caiu e não consegui mais voltar ao jogo. Essas coisas acabam desanimando de jogar o Fishing Planet.
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