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  1. Рыбак рыбаку глаз не выклюет! Как гласит мудрая пословица древних! Всем привет, сегодня вечером встречаемся на Эмеральд в штате Нью-Йорк! Нас ждёт не дождётся канадский судак, которого мы вместе будем ловить исключительно на спиннинг. Причём главное для победы - наибольшая разница в весе. Заодно и посмотрим, какой величины эти судачки бывают. Победитель, как всегда, получит свои бейткоины и заодно Bass Boat Explorer Pack. Тот, кто поймает самого крупного судачка, получит St. Patrick's Day Pack. Начало соревнования 20.03.2020 в 19:15 Киев, 20:15 МСК. Прямая трансляция - Twich and Youtube, канал FPdimsam. Присоединятесь и да пребудет с нами Сила!
  2. FREE DLC Feeder pack:)) https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1449-CUSA06941_00-PSFREE0000000000 Thank you FP
  3. missing in the DLC Feeder Dream Pack the larvae gryllotalpa do not appear in the inventory and the photo of the DLC comes out the image I think is an error and they are not
  4. Hey folks! Many of you have been waiting for the new Packs to appear in the PSN Store. Happy to announce they are available for purchase now! Check them out! Topwater Midnight Pack TOPWATER MIDNIGHT PACK is a killer combo of everything the angling samurai might need in his challenging Topwater & Night Fishing endeavours, like 4 of the best and most powerful spinning and casting rods and reels: including the new Night Edition rods like the divinely powerful Zeus™ 250 NE and the ultimate Bass weapon - the BassCaster™ 220 NE, as well as the biggest most muscular reels, like the ThunderSpin® 5500 SE and the mighty Cyclone 5500 SE! With the TOPWATER MIDNIGHT PACK you also get a whole bundle of goodies, including wide array of various lures and terminal tackle as well as cool new outfits, equipment, pond passes and licenses - all you need to enjoy your topwater or night hunting to the fullest! European Store American Store Kayaks Adventure Pack Become a proud owner of THREE fantastic kayaks, each with its own unique characteristics - all in the new Kayaks Adventure Pack! Kayaks Adventure Pack is a full set of three awesome angling companions: the super slick and fast RedFox Speedy Kayak, the ultra comfortable and hasslefree SunFish Comfy Kayak and of course the super tough and durable BlueWhale Endura Kayak - each with its own unique characteristics! But that’s not all! Kayaks Adventure Pack also includes cool stuff like Credits, BaitCoins, and most importantly - 30 days of Premium Account, 30-day Pond Passes and monthly Advanced Licenses to all the best boat fishing destinations, including Saint Croix, Emerald, Falcon and White Moose Lakes as well as San Joaquin Delta! European Store American Store
  5. Just wondering if your team would be at this years E3 in Los Angeles. I would love to see what you guys/girls are working on for the future of the game, dlc content, etc, etc.. If you are not going, then please tell us why the best fishing simulator on the market is staying home. Thanks.
  6. Ichthyophobia

    Advice on DLC

    If you had only €20 to spend on Dlc which one/s would you buy and why? Thanks in advance.
  7. I bought St Patrick's day pack. spent lot of time try catch specie fish(Leprachaun and Rowdy bass) lost nearly all special baits (Dunken worm & Bully Grasshopper) because only regular fish bite. all for the FP big mistakes. why? because event no active! very unfair release some dlc pack in PSstore which is no active.
  8. Hey dear anglers, We are happy to announce the new Sport Topwater Night Pack are now available on PlayStation Store! This powerful pack contains ideally matched and balanced fishing goodies that will definitely come in handy for winning in topwater and night Competitions or mastering these intricate disciplines on a more advanced level! European Store American Store
  9. Inventory Sorting Tool: Sort my weight, Sort by hook size Sorting lures / hooks fix metric is okey, but imperial is a complete nightmare. It would be great to have the lures sort by actual weight (Lightest to heaviest), Imperial sorts by "name" now, and when it comes to 3/4, 1/16oz 2oz and so on it takes forever to find the correct weight/hooksize every time you wanna go to a new lake and redo your backpack. Softbait Weights: actual weights for soft plastics showing, because they all have "hidden weights". If a rod have a max Lure Weight of lets say 1½ Oz, and I use a 1½ Oz Jighead, when I then pick a softbait I will ofc get "Tackle is too heavy for this setup". So it would be nice to see the weight of the plastics aswell, even if it's a very light weight. And I guess they vary from lure to lure. A way to save preset setups (I know this is on it's way), I have a suggestion to being able to have preset setups for each specific waterway. This way we can have our 7 rods and Kayak equipped for Michigan, and maybe the next day I wanna go to Louisiana and I could then just click Louisiana on the map and it would automatically get my preset setup for that lake, that don't have the kayak equipped for example. Switching slots for rods without having to move them back and forth to the home box: Being able to mark for example my "3rd rod" and switch it to my "6th rod" slot Keepnet Sorting by: lure / weight / length / xp / income This is a tool that would make our lives so much easier, in our fishingclub (Pro Hookers) we do Saturday comps in friends only rooms. And at times we're using formats where we have to catch a fish closest to a specific length, and finding the fish closest to that length can be a pain in the b*tt at times when the length vs the weight can vary from fish to fish Shop Possibility to buy baits in bulk. Let's say I wanna buy 1000 corn that are x50 at the time, it would be nice to get the option to just buy 20 of those 50 packs at once, instead of having to click "Buy" and "Confirm" 20 times. Weedless Jigheads, and possibly prerigged Texas/Carolina/Wacky rigs Braidline sizes (get rid of the massive gaps), We did get the 17lb braid yesterday, thank you for that. But I'm hoping for even more sizes in the future to fill the gaps. Events Run double events for the "pros" AND "amateurs". I'll take the event "School Bass" in Mudwater River as an example. That event have a maximum level cap to 13. How about making a separate comp, that's running at the exact same time where the minimum level is 14, and the max is 40. That way we can all enjoy the events every 2 hours, and the guys what are new to the game wont have to play against us experienced players until they are hitting higher levels. The reason I'm pushing for this is that I need to go back and do some comps at the lower level lakes to complete my achievements. Leaderboard Rank every fishspieces separate. Please separate each fish for the specific waterway. We wanna be able to check All kinds of Bass, Trout or whatever it might be. The way it's set now the leaderboards are most often full of the heaviest kind of bass/trout in that specific waterway. And when I go to the leaderboard it's to get info on how big this specific fish I wanna target can get. New features Participation Pins (Tournaments), that you can display on your profile and vest. Replay system/tool. A way to record after you've caught a nice fish. And it would be specially good for when we report bugs to support, alot of times it's near impossible to recreate a bug from memory, and alot of the times the support asks for a video. It would be great tool to always have access to your "last session". And maybe even have an option to always save your sessions on our local disk for if you're a youtuber and wanna do a tutorial or highlight reel or whatever. DLC DLC gear, holding "max lures", or redo (lower) the the amount of tackles that the top vest hold in the shop atm, (and ofc adding the same amount to the top tacklebox instead). This way alot more ppl would actually USE the DLC gear and Tournament Jackets. The way it is now, there's no way I would (personally) use a tournament jacket, because doing so would force me to bring less tackle.And that's one thing I really don't wanna do. I wanna be able to bring "something for every situation", that's just the way I am when fishing (and I'm the same IRL ) Sonar I know you're working on it, I actually saw some of Killerwhale's prints on it. My question on this is, will we be able to "Sharpshoot" fish / Vertical fishing (with jigs)? And to add to this, what I'm asking is: Will we be able to see our jigs on the sonar and actively see the fish going for our lures before the strike? Anyway, I'm sorry to give you yet another wall of suggestions. I love everything you guys are doing with the game. These last few weeks/months have been amazing and exiting, and I love the way you're going with the game. Best regards PH_PUPPYPOW3R
  10. Hi guys, Not sure if anyone else have noticrd this but its kind of a bummer. We have had numerous descussions about people saying they want to buy dlcs but bug need to be fixes ect. Thats not what this post is about. This is about the steam community that have way lower pricing for their dlcs. Here is a list of examples. Steam lucky start pack. ZAR109. 00/$9.99 Ps4 lucky start pack. ZAR 149.00/$9.99 Steam monster midnight pack. ZAR139. 00/$12.99 PS4 monster midnight pack. ZAR239.00/$14.99 Steam pro sport bundle. ZAR192. 00/$17.44 PS4 pro sport bundle pack. ZAR289. 00/$17.44 But with the sport bundle, if you buy them loose on steam they go for /$1.99 and on ps4 they are 4.99 and it makes quite a difference. This is just a few that differ and not to mention the vast amount of dlcs that are available on steam that ps4 doesnt have Any one to explain why there is a price difference between the 2 platforms.?
  11. Does anyone know for how long the “Sports” packages will be on the psn store? I figure the Halloween DLC will come down just after the event is over. But the Sports Ultimate pack looks like a good way to round out the Rod & Reel collection. Some of us poor fools who get paid twice a month, miss out on some of the weekly deals.
  12. If I buy the starter pack again will it give me everything or us it a 1 time purchase? Sane goes for all the packs? Thanks
  13. Hello everyone, I am wondering if there is any spreadsheet which explain current DLCs by considering their actual price in game. I would like to purchase one of the DLC however I could not compare DLC packs easily. Thank you in advance,
  14. I was wondering if there are any codes you can buy online to redeem at the PLAYSTATION Store. As I forgot my password to buy items from the store directly. Does anyone know if that option is available yet?
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