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Found 2 results

  1. Pierre

    white moose lake

    sup guys, so like many of us, there are a few lakes you haven't really fished a lot, and yet you feel very uneducated when everyone is catching fish and you struggle to get a bite. i was hoping someone had some info on white mooooose lake for me, i know that spoons , single spoons and bullet spinners work quite well, those are the ones i tried is there any specific colour or distance they prefer. much appreciated
  2. old-n-grumpy71

    Is this normal?

    Hi, I did a bit of freshwater fishing a long time ago when I was a kid, but am not really too knowledgeable. OK. So this game was not on my radar at all. I was in the PS Store to look at the sale items, saw this and thought "Ooo this looks interesting. Then I saw it was free to play so downloaded it and am currently in the tutorial. I've caught 3 fish in about 3 minutes and put them back as the game told me to. Now, the game is still telling me to Cast and catch another fish, but I am no longer getting any bites. Is this normal? Should I cast and leave? Should I recast after a few minutes of no bites in a different direction? I understand that real life fishing can mean hours of waiting, but I'm assuming the game is a little "gameified"? It looks to have nice potential!