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Found 7 results

  1. Not too new to the game, but still learning a lot. What is the best way to catch trophy bass in Texas? The best spot, lure, bait and time are what I am looking for. If anyone has any suggestions
  2. dont know if people have noticed this but the new lakes seem totally diffrent , example the very first time i have fished for say bream tench prussian u name it i have caught uni in couple of chucks out and it seems they r poppin up all over the lodge i dont think the markers are working the same as the old lakes i may be wrong of course and you can still catch uni fishing to markers but i have found u can hit them at all distances and depths and spots i mean if u marked every uni u would have loads just for that 1 fish species so i am little confused on this issue
  3. Hey guys. I just figured out a trick by accident for unique and trophy chinook and coho salmon in Alaska. It was my first trip there and SnaveEidde showed me a spot for them. I was trying a lot of different retrieves and baits to figure out worked best and stumbled across an amazing trick. I confirmed it with 3 other players there that it works. Rig Setup: Rivertex Zeus 8'10" rod, Thunderspin 5500 reel, 35lb fluoro.( 2 ticks down from max drag) Lures: 16ft 6/0 Rainbow crankbait(produced most), 12ft 6/0 Blue and White crankbait, and 8ft 6/0 Lemon crankbait. Peak times: Chinook - Sunny 5am - 8am and 7pm - 9pm, Partly Cloudy 5am - 3pm, Cloudy 5am - 10am and 1pm - 9pm. Coho - Sunny 5am - 8am and 7pm - 9pm, Partly Cloudy 5am - 3pm, Cloudy 10am - 9pm. The location is starting at the cabin, turn left and run to the last "island" in the middle of the river. Then turn back towards the cabin. Cast towards the trees as far as you can all long the opposite side river bank(red area in photo). Cast against the current and pull your rod to the left and reel with the current. Now for the trick I figured out which is in the retrieve. The trick is to have your reel speed set to 2 when you begin your retrieve to pull up the line slack. As soon as the slack is out of your line twitch your rod using L2, reel in 5-10ft, then lower your reel speed to 1, reel in 5-10ft, then raise to 2, reel in 5-10 ft, lower...etc...rinse and repeat. I was gettin 3-6 bites every single cast and catching a fish almost every cast. The other players that tried it had the same results. Good luck guys, and tight lines! https://imgur.com/6HiOYRC
  4. The PC platform really doesn’t have its own area in the forum, though this might be appropriate here and include all platforms. Everybody's welcome. Might be fun to show off including bragging rights for your Trophy and Unique (Only) catches in FishingPlanet. These are the big ones guys. The fighters that raises your heartbeat, damaged your equipment, invoked jealousy on everyone watching and caused the chat box go crazy with “WOW, NF, N1, VNF” etc. Show us what ya got! Post Them Up!
  5. Hello everyone how's Fishing? i'm new to the community and i loved this game so much. today i'm here to share my 1 day trip fishing challenge and show you guys all the fishes that i caught within 1 day trip period. so,anyone up for the challenge? Happy Fishing all. :)) PS:sorry for my bad English,it's not my Native languages.
  6. HI Guys here is a list of myself and a friends fishing experiences that we started with a little comp between us. it shows all the fish we have caught as well as the sizes, baits or lures, location and time of day, there isn't a lot of info as off yet and with your help we can update it to make a guide to catch the fish you are struggling to. post or inbox a pic of the fish with your lure bait and time and we can update the sheet to make a usefull guide for everyone. here is the link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nQQrDIVk6HaOCzUUqClmfBdX_lqxX2Wj/view?usp=sharing Happy fishing
  7. From the album: DON DAPA new personal records broke.

    Went fishing in Florida and broke some personal records . Been along time since I've fished there and its on fire . Great fun.
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