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Emerald Lake Forecast

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Is it just me cause the last few days when server resets all you see on forecast is sunny days. Only one day with overcast or rain. Not sure how many people fish there on sunny days unless you want pike or panfish. I thought walleye was an exclusive fish there to go fishing for.

It be nice to see another double xp event soon. You have a calendar in forums with nothing on it. Not sure what the point of it is with it empty. 

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3 hours ago, Violentvole said:

Not sure what the point is of all your negative posts. Do you really expect the devs to take the time to reply to you when all you do is criticise their game?

Constructive criticism is a good thing, constant sniping is not. Let the lack of replies tell you which camp you fall under.


I give good input to make game good, not to be on lame side. You wasted your time replying so +1 on for me. 

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