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So as I was working my way through level, twitching my Jig along....  I noticed that at lvl 11 you unlock some nice craw soft baits.  I think to myself, NOW WE ARE TALKING!  So excited to unlock that and add it to my jig for more weight and attraction.  I press on and DING lvl 11.  Feeling like a school boy at the candy store, I quickly head to the shop to purchase my new bait!   I throw my money at the counter and head to my inventory for that sweet sweet bass jig with trailer.

Sadness overwhelms me.....   

As I try to equip the crawfish with my Bass Jig I am presented with an unwelcoming error message.  "You must first equip a hook".   Now I am no brain surgeon, but the last time I check a Bass Jig has a hook on it.  In fact, even in the game it says what size hook is present on said Jig.  

So my request for future addition to game.  Allow soft baits to be used as trailers on bass jigs.  For an added weight and Attraction bonus.  This is how jigs work in real life,  I RARELY ever fish my jig without a trailer......   (This should work for at a minimum: craw, creature, and shad / swimbaits)

Aight thanks boys!  Let's get this done =)


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