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The inclusion of purchasing Binoculars would be a useful to have in the backpack. Wouldn’t be caught dead without them in real life hunting or fishing or might be if I forgot them. Often wish I could see the bobber action in the water without viewing the icon since it's more realistic. An option to upgrade your bino’s to military grade NVG’s with inferred capabilities to cut through those foggy nights on the lakes might be cool as well. How many time have you been asked in-game “hey, can you see my bobber” while struggling to see your buddy's float location while their snagging all the monsters? With the new addition of wildlife, I’d defiantly want accurate intel on how close that moose, vicious bear or eagle might be lurking with intent of stealing my catch. (See what I did there)    :D 

Just a thought ...

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I agree - or at least a "squint" (slight zoom) button to look into the distance. Similar to the current right-click zoom, but available at any time, even while the line is already in the water.


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