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48 minutes ago, Volhalla said:

I've seen several other PS4 games that are cross-platform. It could be done; not sure bout keeping pc and PS4 updates releasing at the same time though.  But that could surely be done as well.  

Do you happen to remember the names of those games? We were researching Rainbow Siege and a couple others to petition Sony to loosen up their restrictions for the developers.

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War Thunder is cross platform with pc and PS4 users. I thought crossout, another game from WT's developer Gaijin, but after some research I e found out it isn't.  Why one is and the latter isn't is beyond my knowing.  I believe it really comes down to Sony on whether it's enabled or not. Fortnite is a great example as it's cross play "accidentally" got enabled between Xbox and PS4 users only to be switched off soon after. Attached a screenshot on one view about cross play and sony's stance.

Nonetheless, it is very possible to entertain the idea that Fishing Planet could be cross platform.


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