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Boat fishing is here! Update 1.1.0. (Patch Note)


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Hooray, anglers! We’re thrilled to tell you about our most recent and much awaited update - we finally added Boats!

You can take a kayak right now and head boat fishing on either of these 5 waterways:



White Moose Lake

Lake Saint Croix

San Joaquin Delta

Boat pins have been added on local maps, so you know where kayaks are on the waterways.

Another cool thing that awaits you is lots of new water access points on Emerald Lake, White Moose Lakes, Saint Croix and San Joaquin! This means a fresh look at your favorite waterways and new places to explore and set off with your kayak from!




Moreover, we added THREE new fish species! Now you can catch:

  • Sauger on Emerald Lake,
  • Clear Muskie on Saint Croix,
  • Lake Whitefish on White Moose Lake!

So go ahead and rent a kayak - already available for boat fishing on one of the 5 fishing destinations!

Or how about buying one of your own? Better yet, become a proud owner of THREE fantastic kayaks, each with its own unique characteristics - all in the new Kayaks Adventure Pack, now available at 15% discount!


One more pleasant update is that travel cost has been decreased for the following lakes: Emerald, Rocky, Quanchkin and San Joaquin Delta.

This is just a short summary to tell you about what’s coming your way!:)

While you enjoy Kayaks, we’ll continue working on adding more types of boats to the game: Zodiac boats, bass boats and other motor boats. We’ll also be expanding the geography of our waterways for boat fishing.

PS4 should get Kayaks update together with the Topwater and Night Fishing within the next 1-1.5 month.
Tight lines and stay tuned!

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