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Questions & Answers #2

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1. Will boats come to all maps?
Yes, to almost all maps, except for small lakes like Lone Star or Rocky Lake and speedy Kaniq Creek. But you’ll be able to enjoy boats and kayaks on the rest of the waterways. 

2. Are we going to get motorboats and be able to fish with multiple rods at any time?
Motorboats are currently in development, we are actively working on their creation and implementation - so keep track of our news. As for fishing with multiple rods, this feature is next in the line. 

3. Are you planning to add seafishing? What about new locations in general?
The game’s waterways that we plan to add next will still be freshwater ponds, located predominantly in Europe and Great Britain. We do plan to add sea fishing eventually, however not in the nearest future. 

4. At this stage of the game, catching small fish (Crappie, Perch etc) is useless for higher level players because of the lack of money and it makes players only fish for the big guys. Will it ever be reworked to make all fish worth catching?
At this point, higher level players can use their skills at catching smaller fish to win tournaments and competitions. Once we add Missions and Quests to the game, fish of all sizes will become equally worthwhile catching for all the players. 

5. What are your plans with baitCoins? There aren't many ways of collecting them at the moment.
In the nearest future we plan to add new competitions that will feature BaitCoins as part of the prize pool. Also, don’t miss the chance to complete our Halloween (and later, Christmas) challenges and get your reward! 

6. When is PS4 getting all the updates PC has? Why does it take so long?
In November we are planning a PS4 update that will feature topwater, night and boat fishing. We fully understand how much you guys want to enjoy the latest version of Fishing Planet on your favorite console. But the update approval cycle takes up to a month, not to mention extra time is required to port the new content to console. But we will do our best to satisfy your expectations as soon as we can.

7. When will characters be worked on? They currently look all the same with minor differences.
At this point, we are focused on boats and don’t plan any expansion of options regarding the in-game characters and their outfits in the nearest time.

8. When is the Xbox version of Fishing Planet coming?
We are currently working on porting the game to Xbox. The release is planned for the first or second quarter of 2018. 

9. Are you planning on working on the weather system and making it more dynamic?
Definitely. We are gradually expanding the in-game weather functionality and are currently working on improvements to cloud and wind behavior. 

10. How do you plan on making the game more interesting for those who have reached Level 40? Better ranking system, achievements etc.
That’s right, we plan to completely change and improve the competitive ranking system to make things more interesting. This will motivate players of various skill levels to participate in competitions and grow to become pro players and pro anglers. 

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