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(STEAM)Happy Halloween, dear anglers!


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Get ready for this year’s SPOOKtacular Halloween fishing! We prepared a mind-blowing Halloween experience full of fun and creepy excitement! 

Set out on a night hunt after the mysterious glowing Ghost Pike, 


catch terrifying Skeleton Bluegills 


and fierce Monster Gars: the Albino Yeti Gar, 


Green Ogre Gar 


and Black Vampire Gar. 


And don’t forget to complete our new Ghostbuster and Sweet Tooth challenges to win valuable prizes like the Halloween edition rods FireFenix and HellTroy!


To make sure you’re prepared for battling these scary beasts we added a limited edition Spooky Fishing Pack that’ll help you get maximum drive and excitement out of your Halloween fishing experience!

We also added plenty of cool new tackle like the new edition Ghost Reel™ 4000 spinning reel and the SpookySpin™ 260 spinning rod with a glow-in-the-dark tip, as well as creepy lures like the Bony Shad, Spider Spoon, and Slimy Crank and Halloween pumpkin jellies Candy bait! 


You can even rent a special Coffin Kayak - available only for the duration of the Halloween event!


And make sure to find all the Jack-o-lanterns hidden at various fishing destinations to claim your daily prizes!


Yep, this year’s Spooky Fishing Halloween promises to be a real adventure quest that’ll scare you out of your fishing wits!

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