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Weather effects

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Sorry, I don’t think I play this game long enough so I probably haven’t experienced all the different weather conditions.  So far, I’ve been fishing under sunny, showers, cloudy, foggy weather.  Don’t know if there is any sun reflection after rains or rainstorms.  I mean it’s natural.  I try not make other viewers think of something bad.  Since all these ponds and fishing sites share very similar environmental conditions with national parks.  Therefore, rainstorms, windy, sunny and other weather such as after rainstorms or even lightening could be possible.  

One thing i’m not sure about in reality.  If it’s windy, will it affect those fishes’ behavior.  For example, if they will hide around the coast near rocks or under leaves or will they gather as groups?  As a result, I don’t know if the dev team would like to consider and develop a deeper simulator fishing planet.  Or they have also put all these calculations and conditions in the current update.  

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