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Controller vibration adjustment

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I’m wondering if there will be any update on console controller vibration adjustment in the future.  Currently, it vibrates lightly while the fish touches the bait and tries to eat the bait.  It vibrates continuously while I catched the fish approximately about 4 to 5 seconds after I pull the rod and start to roll the reel.  However, there is no vibration when I pull the rod and roll the reel while the fish swims toward the rod.   For the heavier fishes, there is no vibration while I pull the rod and twist it left and right to shorten the line distance.  I think it will be great if the vibration can be adjust to a certain levels and vibrate continuously when I pull and twist the rod left or right to shorten the line also while the fish swims toward the rod.   It will be more fun to catch the smallest to smaller fishes in light to medium vibrations and the bigger and biggest fishes for light, medium, and strong vibrations.  


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