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no line it disappears


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it really sucks when you are in an event like lucky 7 and you move to a new location only to go cast and no line appears BUT!!!!! it sucks when it happens 4 times in one event and you have to reboot and get back in tournament its a lot of time wasted .... please fix  

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On 11/6/2017 at 6:15 AM, Support_Team said:

Send an email on support@fishingplanet.com, provide details and attach screenshots, we'll check. 

Happend to me as well this evening in Michigan (PC Version). My Nivida card has an “instant replay” feature which captured a video of it. I’ll retrieve it tomorrow and email to support if it helps. Prior to the line disappearing, the pole glitched and was sideways in the yak for a few seconds. Odd ...

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