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“Lunch break” feature

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I think it will be great if the dev team can add a “lunch break” button in the in-game interface for the coming update.  What I mean “lunch break” is that it allows players to have a breakfast/lunch/dinner or a short break while they are leveling up.  Currently for PS4, I need to press the ‘option’ key to go back to the fish pond info page to pause the game.  (If I need to be away for a few hours, I need to turn off the console.)  Then I need to re-enter the fish pond again to continue.  It just seems a little bit odd in visual wise.  If there is a “lunch break” feature while we are fishing, players can pause the game directly inside the fish pond.  Maybe in graphic wise, it can display the words “lunch break” or ”pause” or sthg in the center with a translucent background.  It doesn’t necessary need to call it “lunch break”.  Maybe someone can suggest a better name for this feature.  When players return to the game even though they turn off the console, they should just click the Fishing Planet icon and it automatically bring them back to whatever they have left off.

Yet, this button shouldn’t be available during events and tournaments because every second is counted during those events and tournaments.  Or the dev team may have their tournament rules for those few days tournament to allow players to get some rest in between games/qualifying.  This is only for PS4.  I don’t know if the other platforms have something in the interface or their controller/mouse to quickly pause and continue FP while they are leveling up.  It’s just my suggestion.

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