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(PS4) Couple of glitches/bugs


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1. Wont let me change leader length on new rod set up... Worked before, doesn't now... Have reloaded game, different rods etc... no luck

2. Map screen freezes sometimes, stays like it for a good 5-20minutes before you can navigate again without reloading

3.The Square button to fast forward time acts like a double click sometimes, forcing you into the next morning if you have cooldown, instead of giving you chance to skip the cooldown with bait coins... probably happens 2 out of 10 times, but its annoying + a waste of coins

4. To go with #3... Sometimes costs bait coins to fast forward in night time, even though it says no fee.


Probably a few others, i'll add to the list when i come across them again

Otherwise have started playing the game just over a week ago and currently sat at level 34, really addictive game!


Tight lines!



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Something similar has happened to me before.  For some reason, I couldn’t bring out the rod for one time.  It seemed like it was the server problem causing the issue.  I simply just exit the fishing pond and re-enter it again.  I also experienced the slowest during gameplay.  The speed wasn’t normal.  I believe it was also the server causing the issue.  Lucky it only happened to me once or twice.  I was using the private room while all these problems occurred, but other than that it is usually quite smooth. 


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On 8/22/2018 at 6:46 PM, NinjaButGinger said:

3.The Square button to fast forward time acts like a double click sometimes, forcing you into the next morning

This happened to me a lot of times, too. Quite annoying, if you've forwarded to like day 23, in order to train for a competition, and then it skips the 24 hours you were going for.. Lost a couple of bait coins (and my mind) over this 😅

Since we're collecting PS4 bugs: If I want to share a marker with my friends, I can only the select the topmost player in my list. I'm not able to select other friends in my list. My fellow fisherman don't seem to have that problem. Am I too dumb?

Markierung teilen.jpeg

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