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E3 2019 or similar global tournament


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It’s a little late to talk about E3 2018 as it’s already happened in May.  I also think the FP dev team weren’t fully prepared this year as they are releasing a global fishing update according to their developer daily.  Yet, the actual release date isn’t fully confirmed.  Hopefully around Thanksgiving.

Let’s talk about E3 2019 or some similar global tournaments.  Hopefully something will start happening in 2019?  One big topic is if they are heading toward this direction which I’m supporting in general, they need to figure out which is the presentation platform.  What I mean is if they are releasing Xbox version.  That will put PS4 players in pressure and their crowds won’t happy about their decision.  FP will probably lose those players.  If lucky those players might switch platform to supporting FP for the live stage tournament.  Yet, it creates another problem which is their player account.  Lots of video games/esports games/simulator games including FP require player experience in order to upgrade their gears, in game cash, and XP, etc.  It won’t be easy for those players who are following their decision to change platform even those they are the top players.  If FP follows the crowds, which will put the other platform’s players in bad mood.  It depends on how many platforms they will release in the future. If they are only joining E3 or if they are joining a multiply Esports tournaments or invitations for different platforms, or even though have their own live stage tournaments in the future, they will need to make a decision earlier and announce the news earlier for their FP supporters to have enough time to prepare before those big globally Esports tournament happens.  

On the other hand E3 is pretty much a PS4 dominated global event.  All the AAA games are having their supporters there.  In order to get into E3 isn’t easy as well.  I believe if they have enough crowds which they just need to have some adjustments and will be able to join E3.  This shouldn’t be a problem for the FP Dev team.  Of course, they possibly need to communicate with Sony as well and see if they will fully support them in the Esports category.  As Esports is a very new trends nowadays, people also need sometimes to adjusting this new trendy.  It doesn’t matter if it is esports or sports, they need to have enough supporters to make things happen.  

For me, Fishing Planet is very unique which combines technology, simulate of a real sports in a nice and clean created global environment.  Plus, their add-ons and special in-game events and competitions create a upper level of video gaming experience for players to enjoy and explore.  It will be difficult and very expensive for people to travel to all these different countries to explore and fish in real life.  Only FP can create this experience for players.  Also, they always make improvements and listening to their supporters and give enough feedbacks and supports.  I hope FP will last for a long time.  It definitely wins my heart whatever which direction(s) they are heading. 

I will think let them focus on what they have in hand first.  I believe they have something in mind and working toward that direction.  

I as a supporter will always enjoy and continue to give suggestions to FP and make it the greatest and the best fishing game.

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