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OPEN BETA TESTING of the Missions Update


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Hey dear anglers,

We are happy to announce OPEN BETA TEST of the Missions Update. This update contains 1st iteration of the Missions feature - Tutorial Missions. These missions are available to all players, and while they were specifically created to enrich and make the learning process more efficient for the less experienced folks, many of them will be quite useful even for the more proficient anglers.

Everyone who’s interested in participating please follow the instructions below:



We are eager to hear your feedback and reports on this feature so we’ll appreciate if you complete a short survey after testing - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfYqGnTVyn5UcJWEgLJ7liM7_xtMJGw5p0oe-NWKBld9lCniA/viewform

Everyone who participates in Open Beta Test and completes the survey will get a complimentary bonus from the Fishing Planet team – 3 days of premium once the update is released!

Feel free to join in and have fun!

P.S.: Text and the survey only in English and Russian.

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I'm optimistic about this. Otherwise why would they release "underwater items" on PS4 like 4-5 months in advance? Just to tease us and annoy us with time loosing in comps? Nah, they have us in the radar. Might take a "little" while. And yes, also we PS4rs want those sweet 3 days of PREMIUM

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5 hours ago, PH_Hilrond said:

The test server is separate from the live server.  The test server starts you from the beginning.  That's what's being tested.  If you go back to your steam library, right click Fishing Planet, Properties, Betas, click opt out of betas and it will load you back on the live server.  Nothing you do in the Beta will affect your character on the live server.   

thx dude a lot ;)

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1 minute ago, Carpman99 said:

When you've saved enough baitcoins to buy a 2020 Carpman99 time machine (tm), still in beta development atm.

You're the first person to ever quote me ;-; ❤️❤️ also I remember you! We fished in michigan together! You were catching walleye and clear musky and taught me ❤️

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