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New challenge/mission in the future

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Maybe the dev team can add a new challenge in the future:

Players fish in 15 minuets in an assigned location(s) in a single fish pond, a specific type of rod, and unlimited keepnets or springers.  That means tons of fishes are in that location(s), so it is to challenge the players’ fishing speed and skills.

1. See how many fish quantity the player can catch per second (fq/s).   Just an average of the total quantity divided per second.  

2. Types and weight.  (How many keepnet or springer get filled)

3. Big money.  (As weight and uniqueness are usually the fact to determine how much money does each fish worth, it should show who earns the most in 15 minuets)

I don’t know if they have already included this in the new mission they recently created for Steam as a beta.  I hope 🙂


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The Missions in this Update are Tutorial Missions, basically to teach new players how to fish.  But they can be a real challenge to higher level players who have forgotten how to fish with very light/beginner tackle.  Future Missions will be for higher level player.


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