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(PC) Possible bug

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After the recent updates, I've noticed that if I use one of my rod/reel setups that all of my other rods/reels I have will lose durability to the rod, reel, and line. Is this a bug or something new due to the recent updates?

Steam name is deminwarrior and I noticed this happening about an hour ago and it's still ongoing.

Edit: To clarify, if I go to my inventory and hover over each of the items (rod/reel/line) per each setup, they are all different. However, during the game screen where you can actually fish, the UI indicators for durability are all exactly the same across the board for every rig. None of the numbers actually correspond to what the durability is being registered as under inventory.

Edit 2: I have screenshots for proof, but I can't upload them.

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Adding more information

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Send the screen shots to support@fishingplanet.com  also make sure you send it from the email you use to register on Fishing Planet.  Include your system stats, operating system, etc., and include your Fishing Planet game name. 

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