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Multi-discipline specimen rods? and competitions for them.

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are there any plans for multi-discipline specimen rods? and competitions for them.


i.e. marginally shorter than most match rods, marginally longer than most spinning rods, has less tip sensitivity than comparative bottom fishing rods, and is geared to casting out heavier float setups and lure setups for predatory fish, and heavier bottom fishing setups.


so they are not tied into any one specific discipline, but are aimed more towards bigger fish in their line-class/test curve, and a slightly more compromised than their comparative length rod of a specific discipline when it come to trying to cast light tackle.


you could even go as far as building a set of competitions around them, where you have to use one specific multi-discipline rod, and a very limited number of tackles, but have the freedom to use any method/s of fishing you can accommodate within that limited number of tackles with that multi-discipline rod.


you could even go as far as making the methods of fishing available in the competition a surprise, based on a pre-compiled "tackles set" purchased at the time of competition entry (items within not visible until you start the competition but are the same for everyone), which is the ONLY tackles that can be used for that competition, so about the only thing the player gets to choose, IF they have purchased the multi-discipline rod of a particular line-class/test curve, the spinning reel they will use upon it and their line selection/s, and if they enter the competition or not.


competitions, all fish types on a waterway would have a points value, there would be multiple potential "tackles set" per competition (though everyone gets the same set for that competition instance), some "tackles sets" would push people more towards specific fish and/or fishing methods, while other "tackles set" could be more general purpose, and other "tackles set" could be sub optimal for any fish type on that waterway pushing people to go for small fish with heavy setups, which would give much more variance in competitions and somewhat more of a challenge than other competitions where you can go with multiple rods, large amounts of preselected tackles, and know precisely what fish, the fishing spots you will use, etc, etc.


even in the single player none competition element you could makes some changes, if you go to a waterway with a single multi-discipline rod and a limited number of tackles, and can only keep trophy or larger fish in a "fish bag" of limited capacity as opposed to a stringer or keep-net of much larger capacity, you could capture some of the essence of lower level fishing for higher level players on all waterways while offering an XP/cash bonus to make up for deliberately using a smaller capacity of fish at the end of the day, and/or travel concessions to higher level waterways, because your only traveling with 1 rod and a small amount of equipment vs. someone with ~150 tackle items, 7 rods, 18 reels and so on.


just some ideas to think about. 

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