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PC/steam - challenges - Insomniac II - erroneous kg maths &/or decimal placing.

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it seems that on PC/Steam the Insomniac II challenge has some erroneous maths, decimal placing and/or total kg values.


first off, 10,000,000.0kg is a silly mount, that is 10,000 tonnes! :o


second, the maths is broken (indicating the decimal is misplaced), as a 23.281kg fish is treated as a ~23,281kg (23.281 tonnes) fish, which is a x1,000 error, indicating the objective to complete is 10,000kg (10 tonnes) of fish and not the 10,000,000kg (10,000 tonnes) shown in the description or shown as completed so far (as in #######.#/10,000,000.0)


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Yes. 10,000 tonnes is a heck of a lot of fish to catch, from memory it is more like 100 kg, might like to send a msg to support (SUPPORT@FISHINGPLANET.COM) advising them of this. 🙂

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