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On 9/18/2018 at 8:55 PM, Warsteiner said:

they have been saying its only a few months away since last December !

Its obviously clear that either A) The XboX release was outright canceled , or B) they just flat out dont care about the XboX customers at all anymore.

You gotta think that they are trying their best though (not good enough obviously). That's a lot of money they are missing out on if they just don't care about Xbox customers at all.  That Xbox money would definitely motivate me!

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Well , not caring may have been an overreaction  , but something is wrong. Something dosnt add up , and their complete silence and trying to string XboX players along for well over a year now is not a reaction i imagine from a company that would like those Xbox $$$.

There are a lot of rumors that the project has just flat out been canceled and that is why they keep being silent , or wont give a date on it. As a Xbox player is just frustrating at this point , i was very looking forward to this.

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Ya i messaged them on Facebook and was just told this year.. i wouldnt doubt if it was a LIE this company must not care at all about its players.. Funny thing is I almost BET anything that Xbox will have a bigger community then PS4 because when Fishing Sim came out it had a crap ton of downloads on release and it was a PAID game.. let alone a FREE game people would go nuts.. even if you guys charged $20 people would still go NUTS over it.. but i give up all hope for the game and wont ever bother with it again most likely ill stick to games where the company cares about its players

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