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2018 Halloween 😈

PH_Cowboy Chip

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7 hours ago, PH_Cowboy Chip said:

Halloween is coming up, are there any plans for special events, giveaways, new products, etc?

Hopefully the Vampire Gar and Ghost Pike at Louisiana (Quanchkin) event will be happening again this year. I need to get rid of these rotten minnows and Pigs Eyes I've been carrying around all year. Their stinking up my home storage. :icon_107:

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   "rotten minnows and Pigs Eyes"  Your showing your age Bear  lol  😉   Just funnin with yu...   I have heard of the vampire gar and the ghost pike, but have never seen ether.




5 hours ago, PH_Kyrstally said:

I am hoping they will have the same as last year (But without the issues that seemed to be had) I haven't done the event yet but am really looking forward to it if they do!

Ditto with the no issues, however, I think they should do something different this year.  Unless-in of course a lot of players want the same thing.



4 hours ago, PH_Hilrond said:

The Ghost Pike were also in Texas last year.  A bunch of us had a real blast in Texas fishing for them.

I must have been out to lunch  lol.  Maybe this year I'll be around for that...

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