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Possible bug

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I was on fishing planet yesterday and was in the Everglades. I had only three pounds of fish on my fish keeper when I caught a 17 and 1/2 lb red drum. The program refused to let me add it to my fish keeper. Why would this occur? I was using the PS4 version and had the advanced unlimited Florida license. Could you give me an explanation of what went wrong? Thanks in advance for a prompt reply. 

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Sounds like a limited keepnet rating but without the specific keepnet info it's hard to know for sure. I'd double check your keepnet is rated not just for adequate total weight but also the individual fish weight is adequate for 17+ as well. Then go from there. (hope this helps)

That being said, I've been recently experiencing a host of glitches at the Everglades (i.e. chat system breaking [catch reports stop, complete fail, etc], multiple UI windows on-screen overlay, etc) & the only fix I could find was relog. Your issue doesn't sound like it belongs in this category but there it is.

Have fun & tight lines! :)

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